(Pugapoo) Poodle Pug Mix – Info, Pictures Traits of Pug Poodle Mix Puppy

A look at the Pugapoo will have your heart melt with love!

A first glimpse of the little breed dog, with its still round eyes, made me feel it’s a toy dog seated on a chair. The eyes have the toy-like-cuteness that of a pug. And the overall fluffy fair is what comes from the poodle.

A mix of Pug and the Poodle, the Pugapoo can either be a multi-generation or a first generation mix. Purebred parents in cross lead to a first generation Pug and Poodle mix.

The non-purebred parents will result in a multi-generation of Pugapoo puppies.

You must have a good idea about the parental history of these pug and poodle breeds. When you get to know the dominant partner in this breed mix, you’ll be able to identify the traits of the Pugapoo puppy. And that’s not all.

If you want to bring this adorable looking little dog home, there are few other facts that you must know.

Read this article to learn more about the Pug and Poodle Mix.

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General Pug Poodle Mix (Pugapoo) dog profile

You’ll love this dog with a curly coat. Also, the hair length differs from one Pug and Poodle mix to the other. The hair range is between long and medium. You will find these puppies for sale in a combination of colours.

However, the most common ones you will find are grey, orange, black and fawn. These little agile pups stay covered on their tails, legs, crown and the face. Don’t let the frail size trick you to believe that the dog doesn’t have sufficient strength.

The majority of your vet would say, Pugapoo’s mostly have muscular limbs. Their front limbs are rather straight in structure. And the rear legs are little angular.

Take a guess! Now that you’ve taken a glimpse of the Pugapoo small breed dog think about its most visible feature on the face. Generally, it’s the liquid, dopey, dark coloured eyes.

The nose also forms one of the vital functions. But there’s an unforgettable innocence in its sights. You’ll mostly find these breed to have a button like dopey eyes.

Regarding height, the Pugapoo’s generally are sturdy and tall. A grown up will show traits of gratitude meets creativity. Also, the pugapoo is all set to weight about 8 and 18 pounds. You can know other interesting facts such as a pugapoo is about 6 and 14 years. And with this, the average lifespan of the little dog is between 10 and 12 years.

The Poodlepug in your home

If the Pug and poodle mix is to reach your home, then you know how the pup is going to be around. These pugs are very active and lively pup. These little breed pups are highly devoted, affectionate, devoted and loyal.

I have seen Pugapoo’s who are all about sociable and gentle. They are keen to interact with people who visit them in a store.

Dog training is important. And Pugapoo’s are slightly slow to respond to the practice. Careful and smart preparation is the need of the day. I have seen these little pups are very keen pleasing their masters.

Are you expecting a constant and loud bark?

Pugapoo’s prove to be the opposite. These dogs bark very less and can also transform into barkers id they have an excess of people. Also, this pug and poodle mix is adorable and can develop a close and robust bond in all of us.

Keep alone this little on for media work. But there’s more for it. For instance, of the performers and breeds has been brilliant. Keep them busy; else they will start their solo accordingly

The routine-dog care

The Pugapoo has sufficient energy and is utterly vivacious. An excellent and healthy exercise will make the little dog fetch for its own needs within the household. Given the fact that this breeds mostly stay indoor, the small breed puppy needs the huge amount of space to keep active. So even if it isn’t exercising a lot, you can be at rest.

If you want you could take out the little one for a brisk walk or a jogging session.

Wondering if it will require any other game or not?

If yes, then you can certainly try out flyball rally in addition to the obedience games. All these would keep your Pugapoo very healthy. It would remain mentally and physically be fit.

Dog games are fun! And the best part is that there’s no fixed rule for it. You can invent your little games with your puppy.

The Pugapoo Diet

A healthy diet will keep the Pugapoo all active and healthy just like any other dog breeds. And like every dog even this small breed toy dog group mix has its specified requirements.

For instance, you need to feed it with daily meals of dog food that need to comprise of a daily high-dose of quality foods. You don’t need to research too much into it. High quality and nutrient food for other dogs will do complete justice for the Pugapoo as well.

But not all Pugapoo’s have similar needs. For this consulting a vet for expert guidance and customised Pugapoo diet regime might help.

Few interesting facts to keep in mind

Most small breed pups have some of the other distinctive features. The same applies to the Pugapoo. There can be many such traits and characteristics about the little puppy.

However, the three prominent types that I have seen in most Pug and poodle mix are these:

  1. The Pugapoos always enjoy being inside the house. They seldom love to be outdoors. That doesn’t mean it will be tough to take out for a pup for a walk. But these dogs are thrilled indoors.
  2. The Pugapoos or pugapoo puppy that have much in common with their pug parents might have traits like snoring
  3. This breed loves to be surrounded by children and other older adults when playing a game or even generally.

Maintaining a Pugapoo is not robust. You need to consult your vet, check up and take care of the Pugapoo, as you bring it home!

Knowing all the pug mixes , can help you decide which ones to go for. Appearance is one thing, but the traits and temperaments matter too! Luckily, we have all these information for you.