Jenna D. Collier

Jenna D. Collier is a former veterinary technician based in Austin, Texas. She is the editor-in-chief of Pugs Home. Her almost 10 years of veterinary experience makes her a qualified source of professional data and advice about Pugs.

Pugs for Sale MN

pug puppies
Do you live in Minnesota and want to buy a Pug puppy? You don't need to leave your neighborhood if you are in Minnesota, you may locate a Pug breeder who can provide you with the ideal pug puppies for sale! Check out this article.

Pug Breath Issues

pug dog's bad breath

One of the more common pug’s health issue is chronic bad breath, which can be caused by a variety of factors. If your Pug’s bad breath is becoming a problem, there are a few things you can do to help.…

Pug Weight Chart

pug weight chart
We will be showing you the healthy pug weight and healthy diet to have a happy life with your pug. Remember that overweight pugs' weight can cause health problems and shorter life expectancy. Read Now.

Pug Toys

plush toy
It's really impossible to say what kind of toy your pug will like because there are so many options out there. Today our team will make sense of it all by describing the characteristics that make for great pug toys. Read more

Pug Diet

adult dog food
In this article, we are going to help you prepare the right pug diet meal. It will help build muscle mass for your pug puppies and better overall pug health. Read now.

Pug Ear Infection

pug ears

Hello pug lovers! By the end of this article, we will give healthful habits on how to avoid pug ear infections. Pugs are more likely to get ear infections than other dogs and can get allergic otitis. An infection of…

Senior Pugs

senior pugs or older dog
In this article we will discuss our experiences with senior pugs and how we take care of them and some tips on what we can do to help them live a better, longer life. Read now

Best Ideas for Pug Treats

no too much sugar

The Pug is commonly endearing and active. However, they are highly prone to several health-related conditions. It essentially includes digestive problems. Knowing that nourishing the best treat for Pug puppies is extremely important. Treats for your pugs are a type…

Chug Puppies for Adoption

Chug Puppies

It may come as a surprise to learn that a chug puppy may adopt. The majority of rescue dogs originate through individual owner surrender. The most common reasons are a change in lifestyle or the breed not suited for them.…

Pug Grooming Guide

grooming pugs
In this article, we are going to share some of the best practices of professional dog groomers for pug grooming. Learn and do this regularly to prevent infections on your pet. Read now.

Pug Breeders Seattle

seattle pug puppies
We are featuring a list of reliable pug breeders in Seattle so you can find the right breeder that satisfies your needs. Continue reading to find out more about them before you visit.