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How to Get Going in Buying Pug X Puppies with Confidence

Despite the focus on pedigree when buying dogs and puppies, it is not that everybody prefers the pure breed. In the world of pets, there is a steady demand for cross breeds too. Unlike the purebred canines that bear the nomenclature and name of the breed it belongs to, cross breeds have names that show up the breeds from where it has originated. This can be explained by the dog breed named Pug Zu which is an offspring of Pug and Shih Tzu. Similarly, you would come across some other names like Bassugg that showcases Pug and Basset Hound as its parents. Likewise, Bugg is the result of cross breed between Pug and Boston

Terrier, and the hybrid of Pug and Chihuahua is named Chug.

puppy pug

The attraction of Pugs

The size of the pug is a great attraction for pet lovers so that space never becomes a constraint to keep it within the household. The Pug is most commonly found in households even though other small sized dogs are also liked by many. The beauty of Pugs is that it has the ability to fill up a lot of space with its high spirits and lively ways. They have the uncanny habit of making people laugh and smile with their antics as they have a great sense of humor. Another reason for its popularity in households is that Pugs are very fond of human companionship and love to stay close to people. The mild temperament of Pugs and their affinity to get along very well with children make them one of the most sought after pets among other small sized dogs.

High demand for Pug X puppies

It is therefore quite natural that whenever any cross breeding is thought about to produce small sized dogs that could be excellent pets, the Pug tops the list. Perhaps this is the reason why Pug X or cross bred Pugs are in high demand. The offspring of the hybrid might not be as small as Pugs to fit the bill as a lap dog, but it won’t be too big either. The demand for Pug X can be gauged from numerous advertisements all over including the internet that displays Pug X puppies for sale. For pet stores and breeders, Pug X makes a sizeable amount of business and can be put in the same bracket as purebred Pugs.

sleepy pug

What to look for in the crossbred puppies

The genetics of puppies that contribute to their health has to be scruti

nized before buying puppies to ensure that they have good health. Besides physical health, the mental health of puppies should also be considered. Pugs have the innate characteristics of being mild tempered and well behaved, a trait that should be looked for in Pug X puppies. In fact, this is what increases its attraction to find a place in households. The element of humor that is so special among Pugs should also be a consideration for pet lovers who want to adopt cross bred Pugs.

Where to find it

Your search for Pug X puppies could begin at home only. There are numerous websites that offer designer puppies, the category to which Pug X belongs.  These are also places where you can find purebred Pugs. When going through the website called DogsNow, you could come across a variety of puppies belonging to different hybrids derived from Pugs. From Brug to Chug and from Pug Zhu to Puggle, the list is quite long.

enjoying pug

Go to the breeders

In case you do not find your choice on the website, you could get in touch with breeders directly for your requirement. Websites like Pets4You.com carry advertisements from breeders that could help you to find your choice. In order to get in touch with breeders, the website Dan’s Kennels can also come handy.

If you are interested in adopting puppies from rescue organizations, then you can browse through websites like Animal League America that cater throughout the USA. You may also visit the website of Owned by Pugs for further guidance.

Know what you want

Cross breeding of Pugs with other dog breeds would mean that the puppies would inherit the genetic traits of both types. Since you want a variation of the purebred Pug, it is implied that the major traits of Pug should be mostly dominant in the puppy.  If you like to have a hybrid of the quietness of Pugs together with calm and dignified looks and close companionship of Boston Terrier, then the Bugg is the best choice. Knowing what you want would help to shortlist the names of Pug X that might suit you.

cool pug

Health check is to be done

No matter from where you source the Pug X puppy, make sure that you make a thorough evaluation of the animal before deciding to go ahead with the purchase. The evaluation is based on ascertaining the health condition and paying attention to the health history of the puppy. Although sellers would be obliged to provide the certificate of health to bolster their claim of offering the best pup, you should never feel shy to check it on your own. Get assistance from a professional vet who can accomplish the task for you.

Assessing the mental health is equally important

It is not physical health alone that you should be concerned about. Since you are choosing a Pug X, it indicates that you have a preference for a puppy that can grow up into a well-behaved dog that would not be difficult to discipline and train. Moreover, the congenial characteristics of Pugs should be present in the puppy no matter whatever breed it has been mated with. To ascertain these traits, visit the seller and spend some time with the puppy that could give some indications about its temperament and attitude. After all, you are choosing the puppy with the intention of including it in your family and this needs careful evaluation before closing the deal.

Once you are satisfied with the evaluation, you can expect that the Pug X puppy could live for 10 to 15 years on an average depending on its parental lineage.

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Pug Mixes Are Almost As Popular As Purebred Pugs

Pugs can become your shadow. Such is its closeness with humans. This trait is one of the reasons why pet lovers think of it as the most adoptable pet. It is a mystery how pugs that sleep almost for 14 hours a day are such exuberant and expressive instead of being lazy. These playful pets are greatly attracted to children who also find the perfect playmate in them. A dog bite can be a concern when the pets mingle with children but pugs are child-safe because the shape of their mouth does not allow them to bite hard enough that can harm children. The good-natured pugs are often crossbred with many other breeds to produce some interesting variants of Pug mixes that pet lovers are fond of.

Affable nature encourages cross breeding

Designer crossbreeds have long been popular among dog lovers with the Poodle showing the way. However, the immense popularity of Pugs has made it a leading choice among breeders to innovate new breeds that carry the primary traits of pugs. Pug mixes have the mild temperament for sure, and it is the reason why it can be domesticated easily. The adorable features of pugs make breeders confident of producing lovable Pug mixes. This has widened the business by adding more variety to the already popular dog breed and is the reason why you see a lot of advertisements and websites offering Pug mixes for sale.


Health threats are controlled

Besides the lure of the good temperament of Pugs, breeders are inclined to cross breed Pugs in order to reduce the inherent health issues that are associated with the breed. The body structure of Pugs, especially the blunt shape of the face tends to pose health problems. In order to minimize such issues, breeders are keen to cross breed it with some other dog breeds that could help to change the shape of the face to some extent. Changes, like reducing the size of the bulging eyes or making the nose longer, could facilitate easy breathing and cut down some health risks. Genetic health issues might be reduced in this way. But still, there may be other health issues that you have to be alert about. Read on to know how you could know if the dog is in good health or not.

Look out for warning signs

Paying close attention to pets is the only way to monitor their health. The primary signs of sickness could be manifested in the form of change in behavior.

  • Change in sleep patterns, restlessness, reduced appetite and apathy for movements and exercise could be signs of discomfort linked to some sickness.
  • Check the body temperature of your pug at some interval. If you sense some health problems, it could help to detect the problem early. The standard body temperature should be in the range of 101oF and 102oF for any breed of dog.
  • Keep an eye on your Pug mix to see if it is breathing heavily. Although it is normal for Pugs to pant slightly when the weather is hot or it has undergone some rounds of exercise, in normal circumstances, it should breathe easy. If you find that the Pug mix is struggling to breathe, making wheezing noises or panting heavily without reason, it could be a warning for taking immediate medical action.
  • If you sense some strange smell emitting from the pet’s mouth or ears, it could be the result of some sickness. Bad odor can also occur from infections that occur within the wrinkles. Skin problems are not uncommon in Pugs.
  • Another warning sign that can help to detect sickness early discharges from the mouth, ears, eyes and nose. Some discharge from ears is normal that you should know, but if something else is observed, it is time to consult the vet.

The signs and symptoms that have been listed above are common for Pugs and are likely to be observed in the crossbred offspring too. Some of the most popular Pug crosses are described below.

relax pug


Cavapug is the name given to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which when crossbred with a Pug gives birth to the Pugalier. This species is a typical example of breeders aiming at increasing the length of the nose of the offspring while retaining the looks of Pug so that the breathing problems that affect Pugs can get reduced. Since both parents are known to be human-friendly, the Pugalier is a highly affectionate breed with minimum genetic health problems. The Pugalier retains the small size and the mild temperament of the parents that increases its attraction for being reared in small homes.


This is not the one that you find on the table. It’s a mix between the breeds Jack Russell and Pug. Generally considered a healthy breed, the Jug was first developed in America in the sixties. This breed possesses high energy and is hyperactive and therefore requires good amount of space to allow it to exercise well. Jugs are very fond of digging, and if it is ever allowed to go to the garden, better keep a close watch on it.

sleepy pug


Breeders introduced this breed in the eighties in America by breeding a Beagle with a Pug. The physical characteristics of this breed are determined by the gene of the dominant parent and can thus vary. However, the inherent health issues of the parents are passed on to the newborn. The energetic playfulness of Pugs is nicely blended with the intellect and skills of the Beagle and manifests in the hybrid.

Pug Tzu

When a Pug meets a Shi Tzu, you get a Pug Tzu that boasts of the happy and friendly nature of the parents.  The coat of Pug Tzu can be anything from the long and colorful coat of Shi Tzu to the short and black coat of Pug. Be watchful about the breathing problems that the hybrid is prone to.

There is some more variety of pug mixes like Chugg (Pug and Chihuahua) and Bugg (Pug and Boston Terrier) that have gained popularity among pet lovers.

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What Should Buyers Know When Buying Female Pug Puppies?

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!” The wild craze that pet lovers have shown for pugs is just a case in point to support the claims of the poet who has penned the expression. For many, these small and cute creatures that take no time at all in becoming a member of the family are considered to be majestic in their ability to spread happiness and joy. As the quaint little animal hovers around the household, there is always a stream of energy and happiness that it exudes. The highly energetic dogs have the rare ability to lift spirits in a way that is perhaps rare among pets.  Having a pug at home means you are assured of oodles of sunshine and happiness emitted from these diminutive dynamos.

hiding pug

Puppies are now available online

Reading up to this you might find enough reasons to look for resources that can provide you with a pug puppy that can light up the household for quite many years to come.  The easiest way to locate sellers is to browse the internet where you would find numerous websites that offer female pug puppies for sale. Indeed, this does not mean that they do not have male puppies to offer. Sellers do not have a bias for gender as both male and female puppies constitute their inventory. The choice of gender lies with the buyer. In order to decide whether to have a male or female puppy, you should know about what the differences are in terms of characteristics, behavior, temperament and physical attributes of the kind you want to buy.

Female pug puppies need more care

First and foremost, you should know that if you choose to have a female pug puppy, you need to be prepared to take quite a bit of extra care for it as compared to its male counterpart. When you adopt a female puppy, you need to know that you have to encounter the problem of heavy shedding. But then why do people still prefer female pug puppies? By knowing in advance about the problem that you might face, you can take some action that can reduce shedding. The action that you take can have a dual effect because it would also take care of some other unwanted issues that accompany the reproductive cycle of female pugs.

Get it spayed

Animals are unable to control their sexual urges that occur naturally. Therefore, to get the female dogs domesticated by keeping their sexual activities under wraps, the only solution is to get it spayed. It means that you need to ensure that the puppy is duly sterilized or spayed at the time of buying or adopting. This would mean that the pug has its sexuality suppressed, and it would relieve you from some embarrassing moments. Not having it spayed would mean that the dog enters heat reproductive phase two times a year when male dogs would chase her relentlessly, and even the problem of bleeding that takes place at such times could make your home dirty. Spaying relieves you of embarrassing and awkward moments that the pet might expose you to.

in the grass pug

Dual benefit

By having the pug pup spayed, you are not only able to suppress its sexual desires and even circumvent the biological needs, but the problem of shedding is also minimized.  Usually, heavy shedding that happens after every heat cycle is completely kept under control and you can avoid the eventual pregnancies that can cause even heavier shedding. Spayed female pugs are thus at par with the male ones as far as shedding is concerned. Pugs are already known for their shedding problems, and not having it spayed could be quite a disaster at home.

Reducing the health threat

There is yet another advantage of getting pug puppies spayed. Spaying involves removal of some of the reproductive organs like the ovaries.  Eliminating the ovaries eradicates the risks of ovarian cancer that can be fatal in many cases. With so many benefits, spaying puppies before buying would entail an additional cost that you have to bear.

Timid and easy to train

Considering the temperament of pug puppies, female pug puppies are somewhat timid as compared to males. At least from 6 months to 3 years, this trait is quite evident. Male pug puppies could be slightly defiant during this phase. Those who want to have an easy adoption are thus inclined to have female pug puppies that are quite mild in their manners. Female pugs are easier to train and can be more active because the male pugs are lazy and have a laidback attitude.

Websites as trading platforms

There are some popular websites that help puppy buyers meet sellers throughout America. It provides the perfect platform for selling dogs of all breeds including cross breeds from a wide variety of species. The Oodle marketplace that you find at http://dogs.oodle.com/pug/for-sale/sex_female/ has a huge inventory of pugs.  Pictures of puppies accompany every offer along with the price. A brief description of it is also provided. The website recommends meeting the seller and evaluating the puppy before taking a final decision about the purchase.

Another website http://www.hoobly.com/e9j2C/black-male-pug-puppies.htm also carry as listing of sellers offering pug puppies for sale. This website caters to the entire United States and the number of listings that are offered from each state are summarized to make it easy for searching. This saves a lot of time too. Breeders get listed on this site to have easy access to buyers.

In addition, there are many other websites of similar nature that you will come across. old pug

It’s a matter of preference

Why some people choose female puppies over males is purely a matter of personal preference. There might not be any scientific reason behind it at all. However, it would be a mistake to interpret the choice as a battle of sexes. The choice of gender of puppies purely depends on the perception of the buyer about any specific gender that attracts him or her.

Pugs are pugs no matter whether you adopt a male or a female. Regardless of the gender, the humorous and spirited qualities of the species remain the same.

What You Need To Consider When Buying Male Pug Puppies

Let it be admitted that in the world of dogs, there is no superior sex. Some of the characteristic traits of males and females, though different in some aspects, are seldom considered to be advantageous in absolute terms. It depends a lot on the way the differences are interpreted. What might seem to be advantageous for some pet owners may not be so for many others?

serious pug

If you adopt a male pug puppy, you have to care for it in the same way as you would do for female pug puppies. The same applies to training as the same methods are applicable for both sexes. Female pug puppies need to be spayed in order to facilitate their habit of staying in the household. It ensures that the sexual desires that can go awry during reproductive cycles are kept under control. Unless you are a breeder, even male pug puppies need to be neutered for the same reasons. Hence, there is no reason why you should have a gender bias.

Breeders are sellers with a difference

Puppies of all types are sold on the internet and this has made it very easy for buyers to locate the perfect puppy that they want. If you come across any offering that displays male pug puppies for sale, have a close look at the website to determine the status of the seller. Some of the sellers could be individual pet owners. Pet stores and breeders are also available on such websites.

Although it means business for all, breeders are slightly different from others. They have a vision about the animals that they are passionate about. Selling does help them make money but it is not an end in itself for breeders. They look beyond it as they care too much for the animals. The emotional attachment that breeders develop with the puppies drives them to ensure that the cuddly pugs get good companions and safe homes that would be a lovable place for them.

Breeders are trustworthy

The pet-friendly attitude of breeders demonstrates how much care they take for the pets that they trade in. Buying from breeders would ensure that you get a healthy and spirited pug puppy that can spread happiness in the household. You are ensured of the right pedigree of breed that is duly certified and authenticated by supporting documents.  It gives you complete peace of mind because you know exactly what you are paying for. The trustworthiness of breeders is also high because it is their goodwill and reputation that keep their business going.

Some of the best websites that you should check out while searching for male pug puppies are Pug Now, Next Day Pets and Puppy Spot to name a few.

mature pug

Procedure for buying

If you are new to online buying of pets, here is a brief overview of the steps that are involved in buying.

  • After you have shortlisted a few puppies during browsing, send out an inquiry for each by using the link provided on the website.
  • The inquiry initiates the buying process as the agent responds to it with more information and pictures about the puppies.
  • The interaction with the agent is followed by an exchange of e-mails that confirms acceptance of the order, provided you agree to the terms and conditions of sale.
  • This is then followed by payment according to the payment guidelines, and once done, the shipment is arranged.
  • Flight booking is done for shipping the pet, and the seller gets a confirmation from you after the pet has reached you.

Do not be carried away with excitement on the arrival of the pet. Make sure that you get it checked by the vet within 48 hours to be sure that everything is fine.

When you don’t want to buy online

If you are not a fan of the idea of buying your first pug puppy over the Internet, there are ways for you to make the purchase offline as well. There are numerous pet stores all around the US. No matter which state or city you live in, you are sure to find a reputed local pet store that can offer you the healthiest breeds of pugs. To find the local pet stores, you may browse through the common household book, the yellow pages! You may call up the store in advance to know the availability of pugs. If required, you may also place a request for a particular breed or mix of a pug, and the store may arrange it for you.

Shipping puppies is an art

There is every reason for you to be sceptical about how puppies are shipped by air in the absence of proper knowledge about it. However, your concerns are all well addressed by the seller (breeder) who has the right expertise and experience in shipping it with utmost care and compassion. The pet puppy is kept inside a crate provided with a proper arrangement for breathing freely. Once onboard, the puppy is taken proper care of by the airline’s staff. The food for puppies and the feeding instructions is taped to the carton for use in transit. Frozen water is kept in the crate so that the puppy can make use of it when needed. The flight time could be anything between 4 to 6 hours. twin pug

A comfortable and safe journey

To make the long journey comfortable, the puppy is provided with a fluffy bed made from shredded newspapers inside the carton.  A pig’s ear chew is kept in the carton that the puppy would love to spend time with. In case it feels insecure a sock with the scent of the breeder is left inside the carton.

Breeders are puppy lovers

Breeders are so much in love with the puppies that they can hardly bear the sight of a sick puppy. They take all measures from quality food to de-worming and regular check up by a vet to ensure that the puppies they deal in stay healthy all through even after being adopted. Proper health certificate and registration papers are provided in support of the authenticity of puppies that are sold. The claims that breeders make are supported by documents, leaving no room for buyers to be suspicious about the purchase.

You need to assure proper care

Every purchase of puppies has to agree to treat the puppy in a humane way and take all responsibilities that are expected from an animal guardian. It is only on this condition that breeders are willing to part with the puppies.  You will also have to agree that post-sale, the breeder will be allowed to inquire about how the puppy is doing at the new place and that you are obliged to respond to such calls.

All puppies sold by breeders are guaranteed for sound health so that if any pre-existing condition of the congenital, hereditary or genetic disorder is found to be the cause of its death within 2 years, a free replacement of the pet is assured.

Information About Pug Puppies For Sale In Utah

If you are keen to buy or adopt a dog that has its historical roots in China and is also a cuddly little creature that loves human companionship, then there can be no better choice than pugs. The mild and jovial nature of the blunt wrinkled faced puppies with large expressive eyes makes it most befitting for households. There are so many other reasons too why pugs are perhaps the most sought after pets for all sizes of families. The pint sized puppies have the rare ability to light up homes with humor and fun by demonstrating their comical traits. The lovable puppies always try to keep the family members happy. To achieve it, they identify the antics and actions that are enjoyable by people, and they always keep on repeating it to get closer to people and keep them happy always.

baby pug on sneaker

Locating sellers online

Online search is the best and easiest way to locate pet sellers that can help you with the choicest pug puppies that you are looking for. You might be directed to rescue groups and breeders when looking to buy pug puppies in Utah and browsing through the websites that are dedicated for pets. For the sake of authenticity in buying the best breed of puppies, it is always recommended to rely on these sources rather than pet stores in general. However, there is a difference in the kind of inventory of pets that these sellers offer to the customers.

Rescue groups and breeders – the difference

Buyers are primarily interested to buy pets for adoption at home, and it may appear that it hardly matters whether it is purchased from rescue groups or breeders. However, there is a humane angle in buying pets that remains camouflaged under the commercial transactions, but is no less important to many pet owners. Rescue groups are shelters for animals that are picked up from distraught environments and nurtured for sale to pet lovers so that it could find a lovable home and be properly cared for. The spirit of rehabilitation of the destitute underlines this kind of sale. Buyers of pets from rescue homes must have an urge to do something good for animals in need.

On the other hand, dog breeders are breeding puppies for the purpose of catering to specific needs of pet lovers who might insist on a particular breed. Breeding is an activity that spells business and does not have any special dimension attached to it. It is a compulsion for rescue homes to get a home for all dogs whereas it is not so for breeders.

sleeping puppies

Connecting buyers with sellers

Almost all breeders, rescue homes and other sellers either have their own websites or get themselves listed in online directories where you will find pug puppies for sale in Utah. The directory websites are places where you will find a variety of sellers who use the platform for getting connected with prospective puppy buyers. Most of the websites that you come across are not direct sellers but act as a mediatory and help buyers with the necessary guidelines to ensure a satisfactory purchase. The websites are easy to navigate, and by entering your location, you can narrow down the search to look for sellers in your region. Some of the websites that can be referred to has been listed below.

Dogs Now – This website caters to dog lovers in Utah besides many other states of US with exclusive focus on Pugs. This website is like a directory that contains the details of sellers that cater to the region. Information about pug puppies for sale are gathered from many other websites and is compiled on this website duly acknowledging the source. Buyers are directed to the source website for contacting sellers that mainly comprise of breeders. Since the role of the website is to make buyers meet sellers, there is no mention of price against the offers.

newborn puppies

Adopt a Pet – You will also find websites that are dedicated to finding new homes for dogs which have found a place in shelters and rescue homes. The motto of Adopt a Pet, which is a non-profit organization, is also to re-home pets in the best possible manner. This website will be useful for pet lovers who share the spirit of rehabilitating dogs. Since it is a non-profit organization, you can expect much better price than other sellers for the same breed of dogs. Providing all necessary information in the search box of the website about the kind of pet that you are looking for would present you with a list of options that you can choose from. Following the subsequent steps as directed by the website will take you through the process of buying.

Doggies.com – Pug puppy buyers in Utah who are keen to adopt pug puppies from rescue homes or would like to buy it from breeders can make good use of this website. Various dog breeds are offered from watch dogs to dogs for kids and from apartment dogs to guard dogs; you can get everything under one roof.

My Pets Cloud – Puppies for both adoption and sale are offered on this website that caters to pet lovers of Utah. Pet sellers post ads for selling pugs on this website and buyers can meet sellers through this website by signing up for free.

awake puppy

Oodle marketplace – As the name indicates, you will find oodles of sale offers for Pugs and any other breed of dogs in Utah. The listing of the website is quite exhaustive and all sorts of selling and buying objectives can be fulfilled through it.

Pugs that are known for shedding are low maintenance pets that require regular grooming, particularly brushing in order to keep shedding under control. Brushing is what the Pugs also love as they crave for human attention and care. Be careful about keeping their appetite under check as they have a tendency to gain weight very fast and become obese.

A Brief Guide to The Right Way of Buying a Pug Puppy in Connecticut

Having the reputation of being man’s best friend, dogs are the most widely adopted pets in households across the world. Dogs have the ability to enrich our lives and subsequently become a member of the family. Pet lovers are attracted to all kinds of dogs per se but when it comes to adopting it in the household, the smaller breeds seem to be more attractive. Space limitations could be one of the reasons for the inclination towards smaller breeds like pugs. The blunt face and large eyes of the diminutive creature with a dark patch outlining its facial contour has such a compelling appeal that you cannot keep away from it. Rather you tend to get closer and cuddle with the highly spirited playful canine.

It is only normal that you will come across a lot of websites and advertisements that offer pug puppies for sale in CT. Instead of being carried away by the claims that the sellers make, be prepared to verify those claims with the help of your knowledge and experience aided by some dependable and expert vet who can accompany you to the seller. How to make the right moves in buying the best pug pup has been discussed in this article.

Pay attention to pedigree

Pet lovers in CT are greatly drawn to pug puppies that are in good demand. It’s very good business for pet stores that are eager to satisfy the needs of pet lovers. However, you have to be careful in buying pug puppies so that you get home a healthy puppy that could be counted as a member of your family in due course. In order to lay your hands on purebred dogs only, take a look at its lineage or pedigree. This points to the family from where it has descended and adds true value to the breed. The pet store should help you in this regard.

Types of sellers

Dogs are sold from pet stores that not only trade in pets but also deal in everything related to it. From food to accessories and clothing you can find whatever you need for pets at the stores. Then there are exclusive outlets of dog breeders that sell dogs only. Experienced breeders raise pugs only with the intent of selling them to reliable people. The third type of sellers that you could come across comprises of animal rescue groups that regularly offer pug puppies to animal lovers. Once you have identified a few sellers, you should check their background to know about their business integrity which points to the reliability for providing healthy puppies of good breed.

Health concerns of pug puppies

Not having a vet accompanying you when buying pugs can be a disadvantage because it would deprive you of the opportunity of evaluating the health of the puppy which is extremely important. Regardless of the breed, the puppy that you buy should have a satisfactory health history. Pugs in particular are prone to having breathing problems, and they also have a tendency of getting obese. Moreover, the vaccination record of the puppy you select has to be checked for compliance. This is particularly important for stray puppies that are rescued and subsequently offered for sale. The vet accompanying you can conduct a prima facie health check and identify any concerns that may be concealed under apparently healthy looking puppies.

Gather information from the web

The internet has opened up endless opportunities of gathering information on any topic. You can access a host of information about buying and selling dogs, and can get valuable tips about what would be the right way to buy pug puppies. Pet sellers of all kinds have websites that provide exhaustive information about the breed that you are looking for.

Connecting buyers with breeders

The website http://www.doggies.com/Pug/Connecticut is dedicated for pugs only in the region of Connecticut and connects buyers with breeders who tend to be more authentic than the other sellers. The website includes a directory of pug breeders and you could find one easily near your home by entering the zip code of your locality. The website also lists dog rescue shelters for those who would like to adopt pug puppies from such places. However, it does not offer dogs for sale. http://www.localpuppybreeders.com/pug-puppies-for-sale-in-connecticut/ is another website for Connecticut dog lovers that can lead you to the pug breeders.

Buy from here

All information related to the dogs that are sold through various websites is available to buyers including the pictures of the pups. You will know all about the breed, age, sex and color of the dogs being offered from sale except the price.

Every dog is given a name for easy identification as you would find in http://www.dogsnow.com/pugconnecticut.htm that caters to dog lovers of Connecticut exclusively.

Select from the internet

With dog sellers going online, it has now become extremely convenient for buyers to do good homework before taking purchase decision. Every detail that you seek about the shortlisted puppies is now at your fingertips. Viewing the lively photographs creates an instant connection with the puppies as you would also come to know about their likes and dislikes as well as behavioral patterns. This gives good indication about how well mannered the lovely puppy would be once inducted in your household.


Know the right ways of buying

The websites also provide enough content that are useful for educating dog lovers that provides much insight into the ways of buying pug puppies that are just right for you. Having done with the primary selection on the basis of website information available, the final rounds of commercial negotiations happen face to face with the sellers. This is also the time when you get the opportunity to touch and feel the puppy that could become your lovable companion some day.

Insist for the Certificate of Health of the puppy from the seller. You can even get a health check done to ensure that the puppy you buy is healthy and safe for keeping at home which can add to your joy and happiness.

Details About Pug Puppies For Sale In MA, Massachusetts

You have dreamt of a beautiful pug puppy for years on end. You have carried all sorts of research and established that indeed this is the breed for you. Well, nobody ever told you some things about pug puppies for sale in Ma. At pugshome.com, we ensure that you know all that there is about pugs. Therefore read on, and at the end of the article, you will be able to tell whether this breed is a perfect fit for you.

What nobody told you about pugs

To start with, always have it at the back of your mind that no two pugs are similar. Just because your friend’s pug is a snug does not mean that, yours too will have the same characteristics. It wrong to judge all pugs by your experience with just one or two other pugs.

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Generalizations about pug puppies that tend to be true:

  • A female pug puppy will be more hyperactive and pushy compared to a male one.
  • Male pug puppies are always laid back and easy to handle compared to their female counterparts.
  • Black pug puppies tend to be active and busy all the time. They are more aggressive and show a much bolder attitude.
  • Fawns, on the other hand, tend to be more laid back and less aggressive.
  • Reality with a pug puppy.

Often, everyone and every site will talk to you about how pug puppies are sweet, cuddly, affectionate and laid back. While all this is true, nobody will prepare you for the horror and shock that you will experience when you have your pug puppy settled at home, and you discover that your sweet pug is a whirling dervish of energy who only sleeps with one eye open and the next minute is all over the house racing.

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Even with all the sweetness and cuddliness of your best friend, expect some mischief such as nipping, gnawing, jumping, chewing, shoe destruction, pulling on clothes and general mayhem that will leave your house a total mess.

The reality is that no pug puppy is a couch potato. They are all crazy the magnitude of madness, however, ranges from one pug puppy to another. At least until the age of two years, be sure you will not have a couch potato. After two years, your pug puppy may or may never change for the better.

If you buy pug puppies from a reputable breeder, they may finally get the temperament when they grow older. However, with pug puppies, expect to see mega loads of energy. If you are purchasing your pug puppy from a pet store, or newspapers adds, then you can never be sure of the kind of temperament you will end up with, in your house. You could be lucky and get the stable temperament, which is the perfect definition of the breed. If you are not lucky, you might land a high energy and high drive animal that will take several years to settle down, that is if it will ever settle down.

Taming the high drive

That pug puppies can drive you crazy does not mean that you should not get yourself one. There are tactics that you can use to tame your little man and make him use the energy in the right way. Look for an activity that will make the pug puppy work and think. For starters, engage your pug puppy in obedience training. Even if it is just for two hours that will take a toll on the puppy’s mind and take off the edge of the busy dog.

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Company keeping

If you have an extremely busy schedule or you will be away from home half the times, then a pug puppy is not the ideal choice for you. Reason being, pugs were created as social animals. They need people who will engage them and keep them company. Just like children, pug puppies brains need activity and stimulation to develop. If you leave your pug puppy caged for 8 hours be ready for action and activity when you get home. For this behavior, they are known as Velcro dogs. Therefore, if you do not want a dog that will be all over you wherever you are including the bathroom, then a pug puppy may not be a good choice for you.

Weather and climate

As a resident of Ma, ensure you get a pug puppy from the same region. Pug puppies are affected by extremely hot or cold weather conditions. Getting a pug puppy that has been breed in the area you live in will give it a higher survival rate. It will also make it easy for you to take the pug puppy out for walks without it being affected by the weather and seasons.

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Before visiting pug puppies for sale ma, ensure you have read and understood the other side of pugs that nobody ever told you about. If you find them compelling, then you may go ahead and contact http://www.dogsnow.com/pugmassachusetts.htm for a perfect little pug puppy.

Information About Pug Puppies For Sale In Louisiana

Are you considering a pug puppy or two for your home? Are you aware of the kind of care and attention that is needed for acquisition of a new pug puppy in your home? If you are considering getting yourself one or two pug puppies, then you need to know the exact things you need to care for your pug puppies. Unlike what most people think, taking care of your pug puppy should not be a hard task. However, before you go looking for pug puppies for sale in Louisiana, go through pugshome.com website and learn all that there is about your to-be family member. Here are some of the things that you will need before purchasing a pug puppy.

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Before purchasing and bringing home your new friend, ensure you are well prepared. Pug puppies demand a lot of attention and can sometimes even be a handful. You, therefore, have to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate it. Pugs are playful, and they love running around. Therefore, ensure you have enough space where the pug can play with the kids or its toys. This space should be open and wide and should also be easy to access. It is in this space that you will be able to learn the behavior and characteristics of your pug puppy, as it will be free to play and do whatever it wants.


Ensure you obtain a large cage for your adorable little friend. Ensure the cage is big enough to accommodate him even when he grows older. The cage is essential in ensuring that you have a place where you can put your pug puppy at night and when you are away from home. Teach your dog to love the cage and not to see it as a way of punishing it. The cage will come in handy when you start potty training your new guy. Training your pug to stay in the cage may not be easy, and you need to be patient.

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Whether or not you have a family, ensure you buy enough toys for your pug puppy. Sometimes some people will not buy toys in the name of they have kids, and the pug, the puppy, should play with the kids. However, this is not true. Pug puppies also need something to play with when you and your family are not around. When getting the toys, also ensure you get some comfortable and fluffy towels that your pug can use to lay on for maximum comfort. If you do not have the towels, get newspapers or a soft cloth and let it rest on it.


Before getting your pug puppy, ensure you find out what they favorite foods and snacks are. Ensure you buy food that is hygienic and recommended for pug puppies. This will save you a lot of headache on pug stomach upsets and hunger periods. Also, in between the meals, you can give your pug puppies healthy snacks. This will see it lead a healthy life and promote its well-being. Always check the bag of the food you are just about to purchase. Ensure it has pork, lamb or beef as the primary ingredient. This ensures that your pug gets a sufficient protein supply in its body.

newborn pug

Clean Water

Just as young kids, pug puppies for sale in Louisiana deserve fresh and clean drinking water. Water poisoning can cause serious health adversities to your pug puppies. Therefore, ensure you change the water as often as possible. When the pugs are still at a very young age, you need to supervise them to avoid cases of overfeeding. Sometimes, the pugs will go on and on and drink all the water and even demand some more. Be careful with the quantities of food and water that your pug puppy takes, to avoid health hazards and being overweight. The depth and the narrowness of the water bowl is also something you should check out. Ensure you buy a wide and shallow bowl to avoid breathlessness and eye infection from the constant touch of the water, and the flat nature of the pugs face.

A well-fitting Harness instead of a collar

As opposed to collars that are attached to the pug puppy’s neck, harnesses fit well around the dog’s body. Pulling on your pug puppy’s collar can constrict the windpipe and choke the little man. To avoid any chances of choking, use a harness on your pug puppy’s neck as opposed to a collar.

Veterinary Doctor

Before going to pug puppies for sale in Louisiana, ensure you first identify a veterinary doctor in Louisiana who is close enough to you. This is important since you will always require a veterinary doctors help when your pug puppy is sick or when you need him vaccinated. Sometimes, you will need to have the best medical care for your pet, and it can only be from a qualified veterinary doctor.

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Now you have the information on what you will require and need to know before going to get a pug puppy for sale in Louisiana. That means you will experience very little if any problems when taking care of your pug puppy. To get a healthy and happy buddy in Louisiana, contact http://www.dogsnow.com/puglouisiana.htm.

Guidance About Pug Puppies For Sale In AZ

Just like babies, your pug puppies need to start their vaccination program as soon as possible. Your pet needs proper vaccination to prevent it from wiping away the rest of the pugs and other dog breeds in your home. Initially, diseases such as canine distemper and parvo could kill thousands of pugs at homes and in shelter facilities that have pug puppies for sale in Arizona. Even the modern days, animal shelters and pug puppies outlets can still have serious cases of these diseases due to unvaccinated stray dogs brought in the areas. Pugshome.com brings you information on the shots that your little man needs to stay healthy and strong.

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Common Canine Diseases

The most common diseases that your pug will be prone to when he is born are discussed below. The brighter side of this disease is that the pug puppy will get the necessary immunity to shield it from its mother. However, this is only applicable where the mother has been getting all the vaccinations throughout her life. This immunity is passed on to the puppies in the first 48 hours of their lives through colostrum.

The immunity passed on starts to wear off after 5-6 weeks, depending on the puppy. One puppy might be susceptible to parvo after five weeks while other will remain strong and protected for up to 8 weeks. This is why it is imperative to start vaccinating your pug puppy at an early age. This ensures that the vaccine helps the puppy to build its own antibodies as the immunity is wearing off.

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Vaccination Protocols

There are different recommended vaccination protocols for your pug puppies. For instance, one protocol suggests that pug puppies should be receiving their shots from 5 weeks, while the other one suggests that the shots should start at the age of 8-9 weeks. Basically, age is the major difference between the two protocols. However, the second protocol that recommends administration of vaccine shots at the age of 8 weeks has one less round of shots.

When purchasing your pug puppies for sale in az, ensure you ask the breeder which protocol they are using for your pugs vaccination. Most breeders in az will use the first protocol which starts vaccination at five weeks. This means, your pug will have already started its vaccination process by the time you are buying it. As such, you should ask your breeder to contact your vet, and they should be able to come up with a protocol type that will work out for the pug puppy.

The core and non-core shots

Luckily, most veterinary doctors and breeders agree to the core shots that your pug puppy should receive. Among the core, or better yet the must have vaccines is Parvovirus, Rabies, canine distemper and hepatitis. The term core means that you pug puppy must take the shots to protect it from the respective diseases.

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Non-core vaccinations include par influenza, Bordetella, corona virus, leptospirosis and measles. These shots are important but they are not as important as the core shots. The non-core categories are not fatal, but they will definitely make your dog sick. It is, therefore, important to have them administered to your dog anyway.

Booster shots

After your pug puppy is a year old, he will now need booster shots of the vaccines. Booster shots can be administered either as a combination vaccine or separately. That means, you can ask your vet to be giving the booster shots in alternating years. For example, this year your pug can get a booster shot for parvo and next year get the one for canine distemper. The advantage of spacing out the vaccine like that is that, it takes less toll on your dog’s immunity system. The only booster that is regulated by the government is for rabies. This ranges between two to three years depending on state.

If you are planning to take your pug puppy on a dog show or if you will be taking it to spend time in a boarding kennel, then you must have the bordetella vaccination or the nasal injection applied more often. This is because the dog shows or the boarding kennels can result to your pug catching or spreading kennel cough, or other various kennel respiratory diseases. These are not fatal but they make your dog sick. For this reason, all boarding kennels require that a pug be injected with the vaccine prior to staying in their premises.

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Note that your pug puppy will not be protected from infection as soon as the vaccine is applied. The vaccine takes days or even weeks to trigger the body to cause antibodies that it needs to have immunity. For instance, if you have your pug puppy vaccine against the parvovirus, you should not take it out there immediately and even expose it to other dogs when he could collect diseases. Be cautious and protect your pug. For perfect healthy pug puppies in az, contact https://www.petzlover.com/us/pug-puppies-for-sale-in-tucson-86283.

Things You Must Know Before Buying Pug Puppies In Wisconsin

Pug puppies are beautiful, even adorable at first sight. Even though they are known to be quite timid, they sometimes cross the border and even give you a headache. This is particularly true when they start showing signs of aggression when you intended them to be your kids best friend. Aggression is the most common and serious behavioral problem with most pug puppies for sale Wisconsin. Sometimes it gets so bad, that pug puppies parents have to seek professional assistance from Veterinary officers, trainers, and animal behaviorists. Welcome to pugshome.com and learn more about pug puppies behaviors.

What is Aggression?

Aggression is a series and a variety of behavior which occurs as a result of a multitude of reasons and situations. Ordinarily, all wild animals especially dogs and human beings are aggressive. This especially happens when they are guarding their territory or feeling potential threat, or in the protection of their offspring.

baby pugs playing with mother

To say that your dog is aggressive, it means that your pug puppy has a behavior that is wary. It first begins with warnings culminating in an attack in the long run.

Here is a list of intense sequential behaviors that shows aggression in your pug puppy:

  • An indication of rigidness and stillness which is more than ordinary.x
  • Excessive and vigorous bark that sound threatening.
  • Charging at the person or object without making any physical contact with it, it can also be lugging forwards and showing anger in its face.
  • Punching – here the pug puppy literally punches a person using it’s the nose. Also known as muzzle punch.
  • Showing teeth – this is a clear indication that the dog is ready to bite.
  • Growling – this happens in readiness for an attack.
  • Snarling – this is a combination of both growling and showing teeth.
  • Snapping – your dog will angrily snap at you and then walk away or clam down like nothing happened.
  • You might also notice a very quick bite that tears the skin even before you realize it.
  • A quick nip from your dog that is hardly seen but rather felt.
  • A real bite which is accompanied by a considerable amount of pressure to cause an adult a bruise.
  • Repeated pug bites in a very rapid succession.
  • Biting and shaking to cause pain.

pug on ground

Pug puppies found in Wisconsin will not always follow this sequence. However, they will always give you warning signs before they start biting. Be careful since it can be a case of a few Nanoseconds between a warning and a biting. But pug puppies rarely bite without giving warning signs first.

Classification of aggressive behavior in pug puppies

1. Possessive Aggression

All dogs including pug puppies are built to be possessive. They always guard that which is their whether or not they need to. This behavior is pegged to the dog’s ancient culture when they had to compete with other animals for food, shelter and mates. Even though they no longer have to compete with anyone, they always feel the need to compete. Your pug puppies or even mature pugs will hide things and hang around for their protection. This happens even when you have no idea they are hiding anything.

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2. Protective aggression

Pug puppies will show aggressive protection when they sense that one of their family members is in danger. Naturally, if pugs were never domesticated, they would be living in packs of close friends and family. This way, if one of them is in danger, the rest of the pack will go to the attacked members rescue. Same thing applies to your pet pug at home.

3. Territorial Aggression

To a pug puppy, an intruder is an intruder whether he or she is a friend or a foe. This same things happens when a stranger be it an animal or a person is approaching your home. Pugs always know that they are highly valued for this level of protection. This level exceeds when they attack and even bite an intruder be it a friend or foe.

4. Defensive Aggression

This form of aggression is majorly motivated by fear and feeling of helplessness. This aggression is potentially harmful to a person or the other pug or object that is causing the dog extreme need to defend itself. The only way to overcome a defensive aggressive dog is to retreat and withdraw.

5. Fear aggression

Just like human beings, if pug puppies for sale in Wisconsin feel cornered or trapped in any way, they tend to be very aggressive and might end up causing untold harm to the person instilling fear in them. The fact that the pug is fearful will not stop it from attacking that which he feels is causing the fear. This is particularly the case when he feels that there is no other way to escape from the fear.

looking pug

The bottom line is, if well taught and trained; your pug puppy will show minimal levels of aggression in whatever form. It is also very imperative to remember that on top of your pug puppy being your adorable doll, he is still an animal and if threatened and charged by fear the beast in him might be revealed. For more information on dogs behaviors and training, visit http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/dog-care/common-dog-behavior-issues/aggression.

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