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Find Out About Rescued Pugs And How To Own One

A Pug Rescue mission is all about saving the life of the animal and giving it a new life. This is what many Pug Rescue organizations and dog lovers club do. They would rescue a Pug, and keep it with them in a healthy, playful, loving and good environment with full care to sustain it for the rest of the life. And these rescued Pugs are not just left to live their life at the rescue homes, but they are actually highlighted before the world, and in their area for adoption. There are many dog lovers, and especially lovers of this breed, who would gladly accept and adopt a Pug from such a rescue home. If you have learned about such rescue program homes and rescued Pugs, and want get one rescued Pug then read on to know more.

Why do Pugs need to be rescued?

There are many incidents which render a Pug cozily owned and petted at a home, totally homeless and masterless. It may be due to many reasons. Shifting of the family to a distant place thus abandoning the dog, simply abandoning the dog and leaving it far away at some distant place just to get rid of it, or the death of the master or the full family due to a mishap

are some of the reasons, that a Pug may get alone without a caregiver and master. Besides, there could be other reasons like the Pug getting lost in traffic, or some chaos, mobbing, terrorism, commotion, natural calamity, disasters etc. Sometimes dogs are kidnapped too and it may escape out of captivity to find the world that is without its master, family, and caregiver. In all such situations, the cute and affectionate animal feels totally helpless and is at the mercy of other animals and situations.

If such helpless Pugs are found which are claimed by nobody, then they are rescued. There are rescue programs in every state in the US, and in all countries of the world. People finding a Pug in such a state may come and deposit it to a rescue home, or it may be found by people of the rescue home too.

What is the objective of a rescue mission?

The objective of Pug Rescue missions is to give the dog a better life, the care and love, food and medicines and all that it deserves to live healthily and happily. Without a master, a dog already feels helpless and terrified in the big world. And it’s, therefore, important to make it feel comforted, and establish a bonding of trust with it. But at the same time, rescue workers

want their rescued dogs to be adopted by caring and loving masters and families so that the pups may get a good home and all that they deserve.

How are the rescued Pugs treated and kept?

The rescued Pugs are treated with care and compassion they are kept in a home-like environment. Though it’s not easy to make a kennel into a home, yet rescue program workers try to make every dog home into a nice place where the dogs may feel secure and safe. They are given all medical care, medicines, timely vaccines and all, which they would have received if they were in the family. Such rescue homes are run both by government funds and also by charities and private donations.

Why is it good to get home a rescued Pug?

You can always invest money in a new Pug pup. But when there are already so many pups awaiting adoption, and they would give you all the love, care, and dedication in return to what you do for them, there is no point investing on another new pup. You would, in fact, get more love and affection from a Pug which was homeless in a short time, as it would appreciate your efforts in making it a part of your family. But you will have to be ready to take home a rescue Pug as there are some things that need deep understanding and consideration from your side.

What are the advantages of bringing home a rescued Pug?

The first good feeling you get is of self-satisfaction of giving back the animal a fresh and new life, where it can make a fresh start. A dog without its master is an orphan who would be obliged to get the slightest care and love from a new caregiver. The same happens with these poor rescue Pugs. They are sport, active, happy, sometimes fussy, funny, playful, and loves companionship, and all that they miss is a true companion. If you can be the companion of one, you would know how joyful it is to own a Pug. It makes life happy.

How to set your expectation about a rescued Pug that you adopt

When you are adopting a rescue Pug, you need to know some very important things about it. You must know its age, health problems if any, vaccines received, other medical services it received like sterilization, neutering, anal gland removal etc. you also must know as much as possible about its bad and good habits. You also must know what it went through actually that it got abandoned. This will help you train it to your way’s faster. You also would be able to set the expectation of how many years you probably are going to get it as a companion as per its age. It’s important to mention here that the average life expectancy of a Pug is 14 to 17 years.

playful pug

What if the Pug cannot adjust to your place?

After you adopt a rescue Pug and bring it home, your place will often be inspected by a person from the rescue home to find out if the Pug got the ideal home or not. Sometimes the Pug may gel up with you sooner or within a few weeks. In some odd cases, things may not go well, and the Pug may not feel that good at the new place. If the bonding fails to establish, and the Pug is not in the right place, then the rescue home people will take back the Pug from you and put it once again at the rescue home. However, you need not worry too badly. As these affectionate dogs are really easy to go, it will start loving you if you show it enough love and care, and give plenty of attention.

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A Reliable Place for Finding Your First Puggle – Puggle Rescue

If Pugs are widely loved by pet lovers, can Puggles be far behind? After all, it owes the lineage to the adorable Pugs that have been crossbred with the Beagle tom to produce this new breed. Considering that this new breed was introduced in the US in the eighties, Puggles have been around for nearly three decades. While the Pug appears to be the predominant choice of breeders producing mixed breeds, the Beagle has been chosen perhaps due to its superior intellect and inherent skills. Puggles enjoy a large share of the popularity of Pugs due to their affable nature and ability to live well in a domestic environment.

stealing pug

Mild tempered and well behaved

The soft temperament and the obedient nature of Puggle make it easy for pet owners to get it trained for adopting it in homes. The spirited and playful Puggle can often deceive onlookers with its Pug like appearance with some difference in the size and build.

Your search for adopting a Puggle could land you at one of the rescue homes that are well known across America. Rescue homes also trade in puppies of all kinds but enjoy a different status than that of breeders. Arguably, rescue homes are often considered more reliable over breeders whose primary intention is business.

cute pug

The den of animal lovers

Dogs are always endangered as many dogs aren’t often placed in suitable homes. There are various circumstances that can drive dogs homeless and leave them under the open sky with no one to take care of them.  It has been the mission of groups of animal lovers to address this issue that has prompted them to set up rescue homes and shelters for dogs of all breeds. Throughout the length and breadth of US you will find such rescue homes that are committed to protect deserted dogs and provide them with a lovable home. The dogs that are kept at rescue homes are sold to pet lovers who are interested to adopt it. In this respect, rescue homes and shelters that are primarily dog saviors are also outlets for offering dogs.

Why are Puggles abandoned?

Although it might sound cruel, it is true that Puggles are abandoned by their owners who had once lovingly adopted it. There could be many reasons why this happens. Financial inability to rear the pet dog, family restructuring and changes in the attitude of family members, death in the family and paucity of time to look after pets are some of the common reasons for throwing them out of the homes. Whatever may be the reasons, the affected dogs are exposed to risks that can harm them and even cause death.

twin pug

Grooming Puggles for homely adoption

The Puggle rescue homes and shelters are like nurseries that groom dogs for easy adoption at homes. This aspect is well taken care of because it is the ultimate goal of rescue homes to send every Puggle to a suitable home where it will be loved and cared for. At these places, Puggles are allowed to mix with other animals so that they develop the habit of peaceful coexistence and get along well with other species. This training improves its tolerance for other dogs and animals including humans that facilitates the process of rehabilitation in new homes.

Healthy and partially trained Puggles

With proper rehabilitation for Puggles in mind, the rescue homes take all measures to prepare them for easy adoption at new homes. Puggles are trained for being obedient and are taught to behave well so that they attract buyers. Making it ready for adoption increases the chances of sale. Pet lovers too get Puggles that are easily manageable and can be inducted into the family without any trouble. Above all, the Puggles that you find at rescue homes are all healthy and active, duly vaccinated and meeting all other health requirements.

Your search ends here

emotional pug

There is one thing common to all rescue homes and shelters — their commitment to find homes for dogs. Some of the notable rescue organization across the country has been listed below.

Angels Among Us – Catering to the region of North Atlanta, this rescue home for dogs and cats have the animals looked after at foster homes. After rescuing animals from distressed environments, they take it to foster homes and finally sell it out to a lovable new owner who promises a new home for the animal. The application for adoption can be made online by clicking on the given link.

Hope for Paws – Based in Los Angeles, California, this is also a non-profit organization that acts as a rescue home for pet animals. They have a network with other rescue homes to facilitate the adoption process that helps in finding new homes for the animals. Initiate a search for pets for adoption by entering the data on the website page.

AAOFUS – Animal Advocates of the United States (AAOFUS) has helped thousands of pets to be rehabilitated in the past 10 years in US and Mexico. After viewing the pictures of the pets on the website, submit an online application for adoption and complete it by paying $400 for dogs and $119 for kitten/cat.

Best Friends – The adoption process from this rescue home begins with a survey that you have to take up to make your intentions of adoption very clear. This would be followed by subsequent interactions that culminate in getting you chosen pet at home by paying the designated fees ranging between $250 and $450.

Adopt a Pet – Considered to be the largest rescue home in North America, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and other pets can be found at this place. From pet search to application for adoption, everything can be done online on the user friendly website.

The adoption fees cover the costs involved in maintaining the good health of animals after they have been rescued, and includes the cost for spaying, neutering, vaccines and other medical expenses. Adoption gives you a chance to demonstrate your concern for pets in distress by offering them a loving home.

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Pug Rescue of New England – Some Top Organizations in The Area

There are many pet lovers who are looking forward to the most kindly act of adoption of pets, which are badly in need of a loving house to be at. Pug rescue is increasing in demand lately as these are the most adorable and friendly breed of dogs to bring home. Adoption from pug rescue shelters is really a godly act, which can change the life of two individuals at a time — the pug you rescues as well as yourself as a caring and responsible pet parent.

If you live in New England and are looking for opportunities to volunteer, foster, or adopt at pug rescue, here we will discuss some of the best organizations for you to check out. Adopting a rescued pug is not an overnight decision to be made in haste, but you need to check various aspects of it before bringing one home. We will discuss the essentials to be considered in terms of rescuing and adopting a pug in the forthcoming articles, here let’s have a quick overview of the pug rescue centers in New England.

tounge out pug

Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE)

Website: http://pugrescueofnewengland.org/

Pug Rescue of New England (popularly known with the abbreviation as PRoNE), is a fully non-profit rescue organization, registered under 501(c)(3) and functions with a network of volunteering foster homes.

The mission of PRoNE is to find caring homes for the surrendered and abandoned pugs found in all six states of New England. All the pugs at PRoNE are made up-to-date on the immunizations shots, and spayed or neutered prior to being put into the foster/permanent home.

The operation of Pug Rescue of New England is supported with the collected donations, adoption fee, and other funds raised through various events like Pug Social annually and PRoNE 5K etc. Pet lovers can contribute to the organization to help the pugs by making donations online.

  • To adopt pugs, an application fee is there of $10 per application.
  • The adoption fee at PRoNE is $400 on average.

Each of the PRoNE pugs is completely vetted and checked up prior to adoption including all shots, heartworm test, spay/neuter etc. Pugs also receive the Heartguard and get all the medical issues addressed. If you want to volunteer at pug rescue in PRoNE, there is no fee required to enroll. You just need to be of age 18 at a minimum to work for the organization as a volunteer.

PAWS New England

Website: https://www.pawsnewengland.com/

PAWS New England was established in 2005 as a volunteering organization by three of its co-founders who are passionate about animal rescue. It was first started in the name of Tipton Treasures for the first three years of its operations and then the name was changed officially PAWS New England in the year 2008 upon getting the non-profit registration approved.

alone pug

As of now, PAWS New England consists of more than 100 volunteers actively involved in the rescue and fostering initiatives. All these non-paid volunteers donate their time only for their love towards these poor animals. There are many rescued pugs being nurtured at the foster care homes ready for adoption at PAWS New England.

The organization also has many veterinary partners offering care services at reduced cost and taking care of the health of the pugs. The organization also works in close association with a few transportation companies which help to bring up more rescued animals.

The foster network of PAWS New England is the life vein of its operations, which continues to grow over the years. Along with offering services at New England, PAWS also works in association with various groups across Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, and Louisiana etc.

Adopt A Pet

Website: http://www.adoptapet.com

It is a non-profit, volunteer-supported pet rescue organization functioning at New England area. The organization only accepts the pugs from New England area and only adopts to the NE area. The organization doesn’t take pugs from the puppy mill auctions. The puppy rescue services of the organization were started about 26 years ago.

cute puppy pug

One of the founders was Doris Aldrich, who also founded the famous Patriot Pug Dog Club (which is a closed club for pug breeders and handlers to present their pugs in AKC shows). The members of Adopt a Pet initiative are not breeders, but pet-loving volunteers who are passionate towards the pug breed.

Anyone in New England can be a part of this initiative by offering foster care homes, volunteering in rescue, or by adopting pugs. The most important need is to get long-term foster caregivers who can take care of handicapped and old pugs.

There is no centralized facility or shelter where the adopters can see the pugs. All the rescued pugs are sheltered at the foster care homes throughout all six NE states. You can get information about the pugs under foster care on the websites with details mentioned. The adopters can also access the pictures and there is also an outreach program held by the facility to make people aware of the organization.

Adoption fees are $300.00 for pugs under 1 year of age, $250.00 1-7 years old, and $200.00 7-10 years old. There is no set fee of the pugs over the age of 10, but donations are accepted. Before adoption, all the pugs are evaluated thoroughly for the temperament, updated vaccinations, done spays/neuters, and addressed to all existing medical problems.

Forever Home Rescue New England

Website: https://www.foreverhomerescue.org/

Forever Home Rescue New England is another well known 501 (c)(3) rescue organization located in New England and devoted to saving the life of pugs and other breeds. The facility follows Massachusetts rules and regulations regarding quarantine, transportation, and adoption of rescued dogs.

Open Houses are conducted by Forever Home Rescue on almost every Monday between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and in some cases, it will be also held on Saturdays at 106 Adams St, Medfield, MA. Along with pugs, there are other breeds of dogs for adoption. The goal is to find the dogs permanent and loving homes. The adoption fees at Forever Home Rescue include the transportation fee, veterinarian charges and spay/neuter procedures, quarantine fee, and altogether the cost of adoption may range from $350 to $450. bench sitting pug

If you are planning to adopt, you can submit your adoption applications to these facilities in New England. However, also take some time out to meet the volunteers if possible to know the various aspects of adoption in detail. As discussed above, many of these facilities also arrange for outreach programs through which you will know about various aspects of caring for rescued dogs if you are new to it.

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All You Need to Know About Pug Rescue Groups in Arizona

The pug adoption system in Arizona is much more prominent due to the high activities from the concerned groups. The state has a lot of pug lovers, and many are actually involved with shelters, rescue groups, nonprofit organizations etc. Here are some of the most active and highly reputed pug rescue groups in AZ.

looking up pug


Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network or APARN, is the most prominent Pug rescue AZ group. Located at 1106 N Gilbert Road, Mesa, AZ 85203, they are one of the best pug protecting and rescuing groups. Aparn is quite popular for their multiple activities, participation in adoption events, and for being active on social media too.

They also have an association with several online stores and companies that offer souvenirs and fundraising items like pug paw wicks and candles, pug mark wines, pug paintings, hamper called Barkbox etc. All these associations are methods to raise funds. While some items help them earn $6 per sale, others help them get $1 as charity and so on.

They also have an open request on their website, asking pug lovers and well-wishers to donate only $5 a month for them to support the increasingly large population of rescue pugs in their shelter. Aparn has a dedicated shop of its own, and it is accessible through their website. They sell pug care products and related items for raising funds.

They are in search for foster parents, and they invite applications from interested people and families. To run all the searches and awareness programs, they have a very active, and well designed interactive website. Their contact number is shared on the site, and you can collect information on pugs by calling them at (480) 964-3126. They can be contacted by email at info@aparn.org.

Besides, they have shared many helpful resources, pug care and maintenance related educative articles, important content information to other pug care emergency numbers and nonprofits in neighboring states and much more on their site.relaxing pug

Terri Wood is the president and Founder. Ted Stacy is the Finance director and secretary. Jenn Moreira is the Marketing director and Laura Mahan is the Records director. They all are behind the immense success of Aparn.

AZ Pug Life Rescue

This is a nonprofit organization, and they are based in Phoenix, Arizona. Their mailing address is AZ Pug Life rescue Society, 13236 N 7th St, Suite 4, #201, Phoenix, AZ 85022. The group is also active on social media and has running Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook accounts. They are planning to launch themselves through YouTube soon as they claim on their website. Their 25/7 helpline number is (602)730-0107, and you can also email them for any help at azpugliferescue@gmail.com.

The main motive of the organization is to rescue pugs, spay or neuter them, rehabilitate pugs and facilitate adoptions. They work on purebred as well as mix bred pugs. Their main value is to make sure that no pug is left behind, and they try to give all the warmth, safety and security to the rescued pugs.

They are trying to spread education on pug rehabilitation, maintenance, care, and feeding etc, as well as have links to surrender a pug when no one can take the responsibility for the poor thing. Giving pugs for fostering and adoption, accepting a donation for the sustenance of their organization, maintaining a registry of lost and found pugs, and hosting events for awareness of pug care and adoption are amongst many of their activities.

running pug

Hug A Pug AZ

Hug A Pug is an Arizona-based pug rescue group that have their main point of contact available online through their website. Besides, they have a contact form, through which people may contact. However, no mailing address or contact number is shared by them online, which makes the contact form the only option to get in touch with them.

They are a nonprofit organization with a group of volunteers, who are all pug lovers, and do this caring job by using resources and money out of their pocket so that pugs may thrive, get rescued and find a good home.

On their website, they mention that they would do all they can to care for the rescued pugs, but their main challenge lies in coming up with the money to pay vet fees. That is why they are asking for a donation from dog lovers so that they may carry on with their noble cause. They offer pugs for adoptions and make sure that every rescued pug gets a loving home.

They not only accept monetary donations, but they also accept food and toys, caring items, crates and beds etc. for the pugs.

The high volume of pugs in need of rescue

It’s sad to realize and find out that so many Pugs are abandoned in Arizona, and they need care, food, grooming and a good environment to live. More often than not, these abandoned pugs suffer because of lack of care. It is in such cases that the work of the rescue groups is initiated. Thankfully, there are a number of great rescue organizations and shelters in Arizona.

These groups rescue pugs that have been abused or abandoned, neglected or just surrendered. Injured pugs have no one to care for them, and they barely get enough food and often live in unhealthy environments. These pugs are rescued and given a better life.

They are made to feel safe, secure, attended, loved and are rehabilitated as necessary, treated as needed, and then the rescue groups try hard to hand over the pugs to foster families or give them for adoption. This way the pugs can get a new good life.

Why adopt rescued pugs?

Buying will not give you the joy that adoption will. The joy of giving a good and healthy life to a rescued pug is surely one of a kind. You can always buy a puppy, but remember that there are pugs that had bad experiences, and must know that life can be really good when they have someone as caring as you!

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Learn About the Notable Pug Rescue Groups in California

Pug rescue groups and organizations are highly active in California, and there are different organizations involved in this noble job of rescuing and rehabilitating pugs that have been abandoned, abused or given up.

eating pug

Pugs ‘N Pals of Southern California

Pugs ‘N Pals is a California based Pug rescue group. Their mailing address is PO Box 9343, Newport Beach, CA 92658. They can also be reached via telephone at (949)-262-PUGD (7843). You can also get in touch with the organization by emailing them at pudogrescue@att.net.

This Southern California based Pug rescue group is active on its own, and also connects to many other pug rescue groups within California and all over the U.S. They are also associated with rescue organizations in Canada. They have a well knit network to support their own cause and others related to the same.

Pug Rescue of Sacramento

This group is from Sacramento, California. They have a website that you can check out to find out more about them. They have a track record of successfully rescuing close to 100 pugs a year, and it’s only because of the charity and donation they receive from well wishers and pug lovers. They are dedicated to offering a good life and medical rehabilitation to the rescued pugs.

They have a link on their website asking people to join them as members or as volunteers. They invite enthusiasts to adopt or foster pugs. Through various initiatives such as events and shows, they spread awareness and receive donations.

Their mailing address is PO Box 5094, Concord, CA 94524. They also have helpline numbers for anyone to contact. Some of those numbers are 925-974-PUGS (7847) and 916-484-4158. Their email id where general queries can be sent is

rescue@pugpros.org. They can also be contacted by the contact form on their website.

Pug Rescue San Diego County

The main motto and aim of the group is to adopt the pugs they receive to a good home for giving them a better life. This is a nonprofit group, active through the volunteers who do not take payment for the job and do whatever they can for rescuing and giving a better life to the troubled pugs. The donations they receive are used for medical treatments, repairing of broken bones, spaying and neutering, giving vaccines, distemper, parvo and manje etc, and for buying necessities for lifestyle, care and foods.

They have expressed on their website that they spend $500 on a pug every year, and for senior pugs, this amounts to $1000. That is why every bit of donation they receive is still not enough as all the pugs they are rescuing do not get adopted instantly. They host events and parties for public awareness, and they show their rescued pugs through these events.

Their mailing address is PO Box 151449, San Diego, CA 92175-1449. Their helpline number is (619)685-3580, and they can alternatively be contacted via their website.

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles

This is a nonprofit organization, and they work for the homeless pugs, which have been neglected, abused, abandoned etc. Such pugs are rescued by the group, and then placed in homes, where they would be loved and cared for in every way.

The mailing address of the organization is PO Box 484, Gardena, CA 90248, and they can be contacted via email at info@pugnationla.org. Their round the clock helpline number is (310)327-7871.

The organization secures the lives of hundreds of pugs every year by rescuing them from Southern California streets, homes and places. And then they care for it, rehabilitate it, and try to find it a foster home or get it adopted.

Pugs N Roses

This organization has a website where you can learn more about them. This group was started by a family of three including the husband, wife and kid, who put their love for pugs to good use by working on pug rescue. This is a rather smaller pug rescue California organization when compared to the others mentioned above. They can be contacted for adoption requests through the contact form on their website.

cute pug puppy

Wonder Dog Rescue

This is another rescue group, but they are working not just on the pug breed but on all dog breeds in California. Their website holds a lot of information that you can check out. They also offer adoption of rescued pugs.

Why do pugs need to be rescued?

Pugs need to be rescued under various circumstances. Sometimes the owner realizes that they cannot support the pug and give it all the care. Sometimes a pug gets neglected for the reason that too much of expense is required for its medical treatments, wellbeing and grooming. Sometimes a pug is just abandoned or abused. In all such cases, the pug needs to be rescued and given a better life.

All of these organizations want to create awareness in people so that such incidents of abuse and negligence get reduced day by day. At the same time, they take care that such neglected and abandoned pugs are not left at the mercy of nature. Every dog deserves a better life and care, and these groups offer the same to every rescued dog till the time they find it a good foster home or get it adopted.

What you need to know for adopting a pug

Pug adoption is not a long process and takes close to 2 weeks only. But there are some preparations that need to be taken. You have to become mentally prepared to face the fact that when you bring home a rescued pug, it will most likely be an adult pug or senior pug. Therefore, the way you get friendly with it, and let it get accustomed to your home will be different than that of a puppy.

Also a rescued pug may have many problems due to an earlier history of maltreatment, negligence, ill feeding habits, abuse etc. Therefore, it will be recovering from the several emotional and physical traumas gradually as it begins a healthy life with you. The bond has to be built, and conscious effort has to be given from your side. You must learn all that is needed about pug care and grooming, medical attention and emotional sides etc.

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All You Need to Know About Pug Rescue Groups in Los Angeles

Los Angeles in California has dedicated teams to rescue pugs. There are two pronounced groups that work here. One is the Pug Nation LA and the other is Pugs ‘N Pals. There is a third group that was earlier called Central Coast Pug Rescue and worked on pugs of LA, and gradually they gave up their entity to work in unison with the Pug Nation LA.

Pug Nation LA

This group’s full name is Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles. They have a website where you will find all the information. This group is one of the most popular for many reasons. It is their dedication to rescuing pugs from difficult conditions and situations that brought them the fame and popularity. Moreover, this group is highly active on important social media websites.

serious pug

They have a Facebook page telling people about their latest findings, the current pugs they have in their shelter, and about their forthcoming events. They communicate with many people through this account. They also boast a Twitter profile, where they keep on updating small and big pug rescue works, findings, news related to fostering and adoptions, stores, reuses of donations and many such things.

This organization is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit, and they survive on charity and donation only. Although they are getting some donations from individuals, businesses and other charity groups, their challenges are increasing day by day for the increasing number of pugs that are being brought to the shelter after the rescue. They cannot keep any pug neglected, and even after rescuing, the pug must get adequate care, treatment, rehabilitation, nutrition, and love. To ensure all of these, they are constantly under pressure to get more funds for better caring of the rescued dogs.

They keep on pledging people for two things; the first is for donation to let them work better as all of their workers are volunteers who don’t take any pay for the job and would rather give money out of their pocket to make their efforts materialize. The second pledge they make to the mass is for coming forth to foster a pug or adopt one. They try to create awareness regarding fostering and adoption as much as possible. They host shows in support of the causes, and from time to time, they arrange adoption fares, where they show off their rescued pugs to the mass so that they can get the rescued pugs adopted.tired pug

Pug Nation LA works for purebred and mixes bred pugs. They get more than hundreds of dogs each year, and some are found in poor condition with multiple problems in the body such as fractured bones, autoimmune disorders etc. But none of the pugs are rejected. They take care of all, and arrange treatments, spay and neuter them, rehabilitate them, and make them feel secure in loving hands. At the same time, they arrange for foster families or adoptions.

The group has openly invited applications from people who want to surrender their pugs for not being able to take proper care. They can be contacted via their website, and through their helpline numbers at 310-327-7871, or email at info@pugnationla.org. Their mailing address is PO Box 484, Gardena, CA 90248.

Pugs ‘N Pals

This group is based at Newport Beach in California. However, they extend their hand and support the pugs in need in Los Angeles too. Due to their activity in Los Angeles, they are also countable when you are looking for an LA pug rescue organization for surrendering or adopting or fostering a pug.

injured pug

They have a pug shop, where they sell pug care items and various things, all with the aim to raise funds for running their nonprofit organization. Besides, they also pledge before the mass to send donations. They are also responsible for finding candidates for adoption and fostering the rescued pugs.

Central Coast Pug Rescue

Once they used to be a prominent and active pug rescuing and caring nonprofit organization. They still exist, with the same team, but they have left the old entity to merge with Pug Nation LA now. The original organization was in service for over 6 years before the merger.

Rescued pugs need care and treatment

Often the pugs that are rescued are found in poor conditions. They may be injured, with wounds or sickness. They may be emotionally traumatized. They may be so neglected and abused that they suffer from depression, behavioral problems, malnutrition etc. These dogs need proper care and grooming, training and rehabilitation, essential treatment and love. These are taken care of by the pug rescue groups in LA.

How to foster a pug

If you think you want to try your life with a rescued pug, and give yourself and the dog a chance to bond, then fostering may be the right thing for you. While adoption makes you the legal owner of the dog, fostering makes you just the foster family to care for the pug while being under monitoring and instructions of the rescuing group. If you feel like you got bonded with the pug in the session, you may go ahead and adopt the pug, or else, you may continue fostering till the pug is adopted.

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How to adopt a pug

Adopting a pug involves some simple steps. Once you have talked to the family and have learned all about pugs, their temperament, caring and grooming routine etc., you will have to contact one of these pug rescue Los Angeles groups. They will show you the rescued pugs of different ages and gender that are present in their care. You will have to choose one, and then your home will be inspected by them to make sure that it has the suitable environment that the pug needs for a healthy life.

Once these steps are done, you will go through the paperwork to legally adopt the pug and take it home. You must be aware that you will still be visited periodically by the rescue group that will make sure the pug is happy and healthy with you.

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The Various Pug Rescue Groups In Texas and The Great Work They Are Doing

There are a number of pug rescue Texas organizations that are doing a great work in the state. As unfortunate as it may sound, the reality is that pugs are often abandoned, and sometimes they may even be neglected and abused. In all such cases, the rescue organizations would rescue the dog to take proper care of it and help it find a new home, where it would be loved and cared for.

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Pug Rescue of Austin

This organization is an Austin-based rescue group. The nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization is one of the best in Texas. Their mailing address is PO box 170428 Austin, TX 78717. They can be emailed at info@pugrescueaustin.com. Though based in Austin, their activity is around Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas. Therefore, they are spread and active through a large part of the state, thus ensuring a wide coverage for pugs in need.

They invite volunteers to work with them and help increase their reach and activity. They also help people to adopt their pugs. Besides, they host a lot of events which are for public awareness. These events help them get more attention from the masses in terms of getting donations and also for getting volunteers, foster families, and people seeking pugs for adoption.

Being a solely volunteer-based organization, they are completely dependent on donations to keep their noble work in progress. While caring for the wellbeing of the rescued pugs, they also spread that message that spaying and neutering of every pug is a mandate.

DFW Pug Rescue Club

They are not just the best pug rescue in Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, but also one of the best in the whole of the United States. They work on only purebred pugs. They have a record of rescuing more than 7253 pugs till date, and they claim to rescue close to 10 pugs each week. Their website is filled with details of their activities, and there they mention how expensive it is to look after the pugs and carry on their medical treatments. Hence, they have a club running expense of close to $250000, and 90% of the donations they get are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of rescued pugs.

close up pug

On their website, they request for a donation and accept the online donation of a minimum of $10 and maximum of $100. The highly active site and their presence on social media tells about their expertise. They also host awareness programs around Texas for educating people about the wellbeing and care of the pugs.

One may apply to them for becoming a foster parent, or for adopting a pug, or surrendering one, or to notify them about a pug that needs rescue. One may also apply to become a volunteer. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 2591, Grapevine, TX 76099-2591, and they have also shared a phone number for messaging only at 817-481-2004. They have separate forms on the site where visitors can send their queries.

They have a detailed section on their website about the various common medical conditions that pugs suffer from, and they also provide detailed informative and helpful resources on such problems.

Pug Hearts of Houston Pug Rescue

This rescue group which is based at Houston has a website filled with valuable information. On their website, they have sketched a clear picture of the status and activity level. They invite people to foster their pugs even for a small time, which helps them give the pug a caring shelter, and divides the job of monitoring of the rescued pugs amongst responsible individuals. They request donations so that they may sustain their noble work, which is done by unpaid volunteers.

shock pug

Their mailing address is PO Box 5053, Alvin, TX 77512-5053, and they can be emailed at info@pughearts.com. They have a section on the website called iGive, which brings them funds when their members do any kind of online shopping through stores they associate with.

Rescue Me

Rescue me is a Texas Pug Rescue group, which locates pugs that need rescue. The organization then take the pugs to their shelter, care and rehabilitate them to place them safely in good foster homes or get them adopted. They work on purebred and mixed bred pugs. They can be reached through their website.

The rescue groups are great resources to learn all about pugs

As these rescue groups care for the animals and carry out the rehabilitation, grooming, treatment and training on their own, they have the practical approach and vast experience in this field. Hence, they are great resources to know all about pugs and all that one needs to know for adopting one.

awake pug

How to prepare to bring home a rescued pug

As a true dog lover and a lover of animals, you would obviously understand the agony of the pugs that are abandoned. They get the care and treatment, food and grooming needed in the shelter, but they yearn for a home of their own, where they may play, have fun, cuddle with the owner. If you want to give such a loving home to a rescued pug instead of buying one, then you must learn all that you can about caring, feeding, training and bonding with this breed. The more you know about the breed, the better you would bond with it.

What to anticipate from pugs

Pugs are the most lovable and cuddliest of all dog breeds for they would always curl in your lap and never leave you. Wherever you go, it will follow you. They have a great, adorable and friendly temperament, and need slow training. They are slow learners, but good with family and children.

They love to eat a lot, and you will have to monitor their food intake to keep them from getting obese. A pug is perfect for apartment living, and will not demand frequent exercises, outings, or long walks. All it needs is attention of the owner. Pugs shed profusely through the year, and cannot tolerate extremes temperature. They also drool considerably. They are funny little creatures, famous for their square and flat face, and round bulging large eyes.

The Best Pug Rescue Services In Virginia

Pugs, or as we like to call them, “shadows” are a lot of personality inside a small package. They are the most adorable and active small dogs that are sometimes unaware of their small stature. They end up challenging bigger dogs or behaving like the knights in shining armors very often. This is what helps in creating the viral videos and vines starring the small wonders that rule the internet.

However, it is not all rosy in a pug’s life. While some are loved like family, there are many that are abandoned due to their inherent quirks. The rates of abandonment see a sharp spike a month after Christmas and New Year. Thankfully, there are shelters, rescue centers and rehabilitation centers for pugs that do not allow this to be a sad ending. If you reside in Virginia, there are chances you have come across these centers for pug rescue and adoption. The give a lease of new life to the abandoned pooches.

gorgeous pug

Here are a few of the most reputed rescue and adoption centers that you can check out if you are looking to add a new member to your family:

  1. Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

This is an excellent rescue organization functioning out of the heart of Virginia, USA. They are famous for their effective re-homing services. In fact, they are the most renowned center for pug rescue VA that you can come across. If you are moving and you need to make the heartbreaking decision of giving your pooch away, the Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue can make it a little easier for you. They also offer fostering services and doggy daycares for pugs.

They have housed a number of pugs in their establishment. You can check out http://www.midatlanticpugrescue.org/ for the featured rescues of the month. The sole purpose of this organization is to rescue abandoned pugs and give them secure homes. Adoption can be started online. You can take your pick from senior pugs, special needs pugs, and pug pals. All the necessary information about adoption is available here http://www.midatlanticpugrescue.org/blog/adoption-information/. If you are unsure about your dynamics with a rescue pug, you can spend time volunteering until you are comfortable taking a decision about adoption.

  1. Rescue Me, Virginia

Rescue Me is a national organization that re-homes, rescues and rehabilitates pugs all over the country. They also have a rescue and adoption center in VA. While some of their rescues need special care, most are mix-breeds or even pure breeds whose owners decided to move or give them away. Check out their current list of featured pugs right here http://pug.rescueme.org/Virginia. They rescue old pugs, pugs with special needs, troubled pooches and abandoned ones/runaways with no information about owners.

looking pug

Adoption from the Rescue Me, VA is a thorough process. This organization makes sure that the possible adoptive homes are ready for a rescue pug. From asking about specific dog-related allergies to judging your commitment levels, they will go all the way to make sure that their rescues get a permanent and loving home.

  1. Pugs U Gotta Save, Virginia

Pugs U Gotta Save is a star organization that has been working towards finding homes for abandoned pugs. P.U.G.S. makes sure that no pug goes unloved. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit org that has been working towards the rescue of pugs from puppy mills. They are known for providing loving foster homes to their rescues.

They focus on pugs. However, that does not mean pug-mix breeds are neglected. You can find all the information about their rescues in their home page where they feature their rescues. They are new and yet extremely active in the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned and abused pugs.

Adoption is a thorough process with P.U.G.S. you will need to prove yourself to be a committed pug lover before you can take your pooch home. You may even have to compete with a number of potential adoptive parents for your four-legged soulmate. You can directly get in touch with the Pugs U Gotta Save admins for more info on the matter.

Since they are a completely non-profit organization, they do charge an adoption fee. However, it is quite reasonable and you also get to attend pug counseling to see if your choice of the pug is best suited for your lifestyle. You can also leave an email at adopt@pugsugottasave.org for a quick response.

sticking tounge pug

  1. Stafford County Animal Shelter, Virginia

The Stafford County Animal Shelter provides a safe haven for runaways and abandoned pets. Although we cannot call them an exclusive pug rescue organization, this organization is working towards the rehabilitation of hundreds of pugs (and pug mix breeds).

Adoption is a thorough process where all your basic information will be first verified. Then you will be cross-questioned over a couple of days to make sure that the available pug is the best option for you and your family. The Stafford County Animal Shelter is very particular about their rescues. They are all vaccinated, dewormed and healthy, so the new homeowners are safe as well.

It is an open-admission shelter. That means, aside from fit playful puppies, you may also find special needs pups and adult pugs. Their adoption list keeps changing every day and you need to keep your eyes on the updates to find your four-legged soulmate. The Stafford County Animal Shelter takes in ill and injured animals as well. This means you will have to pay a nominal adoption fee (around $20) during the application process.

in the beach pug

It is one of the most reputed organizations dealing with animal rescue, fostering, and rehabilitation in the US. Adopting from them is a guarantee that few pug breeders can give.

These rescue centers and shelters functioning out of Virginia want to make sure that all pugs get the love they deserve. From abandoned pugs to injured ones, you can see them all on their featured lists. Why should you pay breeders and puppy mills for pug pups and dogs, when you can find home-broken, trained and even-tempered pooches for a fraction of the cost at these registered and humane dog shelters?

Info on Adopting a Pug from Pug Rescue Central Coast Facilities

Pugs are known to win hearts with their adorable charm and affectionate nature. They also have the reputation for being loyal and dedicated to their owners. A lot of dog lovers want to adopt pugs, but they often don’t know much about pug rescue Central Coast organizations to fulfill their wish.

staring pug

Adopting a rescued pug is a big deal even for pug lovers. You should know that no pug is perfect, and this especially holds true for rescued pugs. Many of the rescued animals come with physical or behavioral issues, which may be caused by the abandonment or abuse they suffered prior to being rescued by the organizations.

Pugs usually end up in rescue due to ailments, abandonment, or poor home and financial environment. Adopting a rescued pug is not like purchasing from a breeder or pet store. The rescued pugs with behavioral issues may not be able to get accustomed to your home situations initially. If you are not willing or capable of addressing the issues, which may develop during and after adoption, it is always better to stay away from rescue.

If you live in the Central Coast and trying to adopt a pug, here we will discuss some of the major facilities around.

  1. Central Coast Pug Rescue

Central Coast Pug Rescue (CCPR) is a rescue organization, which works in association with Pug Nation of Los Angeles. The organization is functioning successfully for the last six years. The first rescue incident happened back in March 2011, when the pug was found by one of the volunteers who was driving out from Bakersfield County. From then, CCPR has rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed nearly 700 pugs in various conditions.

Central Coast Pug Rescue plans to merge with the foster-home cum rescue organization by collaborating with the famous Pug Nation of Los Angeles. The mission statement of the organization will remain the same as “to rescue all the pugs, regardless of medical condition or age. Pug Nation may further take care of all the day to day operation of taking pugs into the rescue facility and aid in transportation.

Pug Nation maintains a state-of-the-art pug home, which acts as a home to many pugs at once including quarantine pugs and those with special care needs. There are 24-hour attendants and veterinary service. CCPR now manages about thirteen “Forever Fosters” under the program named “Forever in our Care”. The initiative relies mostly on the kind hearts of those who offer foster homes to nurture the rescued pugs. CCPR also takes initiative to conduct awareness programs to alter the way people think about older and sick dogs, and they are also trying to offer the poor animals a better living through foster homes.

old pug

  1. Save a Rescue

Save a Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to be a successful source and channel in the pug rescue arena, with their focus on fully eradicating the need to euthanize about 7,000 – 11,000 pugs every day in the shelters nationwide.

Not just limited to pugs, but Save a Rescue has grown as a hub for about 16,000+ dogs and cats of different species that were rescued and sheltered. The organization is dedicated to helping these poor creatures to get successful adoptions. The website acts as the marketing department of each of the pets that need support.

Save Rescue functions with the support of dozens of volunteers, who work without receiving any payment and are ready to take up any emergency rescue needs 24/7. Apart from details of the rescued pets, the comprehensive database also includes resources of various pet services for each category, details of veterinarians, emergency vet clinics, pet trainers, groomers, and other expert pet services.

Save a Rescue also gives importance to educating people about the significance of Spaying & Neutering of the pets. The low-cost Spay & Neuter Clinics in the region are also listed in the database. The founder of Save a Rescue has also developed a “Dog Quiz” for those who are enthusiastic about adopting a rescued dog. It will help discover the best type of pug with ideal characteristics to suit your lifestyle.

There are more than 8,000+ purebred rescues listed on the website and above 35% of all the dogs relinquished in to the Save a Rescue shelters are pure breed.

in the grass pugin the grass pug

  1. Adopt-a-Pet

Adopt-a-Pet.com is another useful website for Central Cost region to find rescued pugs for adoption. In fact, the website actually lists and coordinates the pets for adoption, but do not have pugs of their own. You can simply type in the zip code of your region and the category of the pet you want such as the pug, and click the search button to get the available listing.

You can see the photos and detailed information about each by clicking the picture. Once you find an ideal one, click on the “Ask About Me” button to directly get in touch with the rescue or shelter that is holding the pet. You can also see the address of the shelters and details regarding public visit hours to go there personally and adopt a pet.

Adopting a pug

If you haven’t ever adopted a pug, you may have several questions related to the adoption process.

Here’s is a sample standard adoption procedure

¨ Try to identify the right pug to adopt online from the website of a rescue shelter.

¨ Check when you can visit the shelter to see the pet and see if it is ideal for you.

¨ Make sure that you make necessary arrangements at home to facilitate a happy living for the pug.

¨ Once upon identifying the pug, go to the shelter administrator and talk in detail to clarify your doubts. They may also have several questions for you to ensure that you are eligible for an adoption.

hiding pug

¨ You might have to fill out an application, provide photo ID, and a fee ranging from about $25 to $125.

¨ Collect the copies of vaccination certificates and sterilization records.

¨ After completing the formalities, you can take the new pet home.

Each shelter and rescue center is different, and you need to abide by their terms and conditions in order to successfully adopt a rescued pug. The shelters of Central Coast include county animal shelters, dog wardens, police, and health department, animal control, etc. There are private shelters too, which are independently run, usually under 501 (c)(3) registration.

Various Ways to Participate in Pug Rescue Midwest and Available Facilities

Many people are passionate about caring for a pet, and pugs are identified as one of the best dog breeds to own as a pet. There are many breeders and pet shops offering purebred pugs for purchase. However, when it comes to rescuing a pug, it is a totally different affair.

May of the pet owners now want to get into the divine act of adopting rescued pugs, but at the first point, one should be aware that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You should prepare well to take up the challenge of caring for an abandoned, old or abused pug. Sometimes, these poor animals have physical and behavioral problems, and they require special facilities to get back into healthy shape.

baby pug

If you live in the Midwest and are looking for rescue facilities to adopt a pug, here we will discuss the top-rated organizations that offer the same.

  1. Midwest Pug Rescue

Midwest Pug Rescue is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 1999 and is the first of its kind in the states of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Minnesota. Serving primarily in Missouri and Kansas, the organization functions with the assistance of a kind and generous pug lovers, working as volunteers across this region.

The mission of Midwest Pug rescue is to rescue, shelter, and re-home pugs regardless of their health condition and age. Pugs are rescued by the volunteers and placed into caring foster homes till the time they are matched with their permanent family.

There are many people contributing towards the pug rescue efforts of Midwest Pug Rescue by donating money and their valuable time. The efforts of foster care homes are also very important and the volunteers are dedicated to taking part in the rescue efforts. You can also participate in these efforts through the following methods:

  • Donations

Some dogs come to the rescue in good shape, but most of the times, the pugs brought in by the volunteers may need special care such as significant vet care including surgeries. All these come at a price and are facilitated with the assistance of generous individuals who are willing to donate to the organization. Donations can be made through the official website mentioned above and it is also possible to transfer amount through Paypal.

twin pug

  • Foster

Fostering is the process of offering a special temporary home to a pug until it is taken into a permanent family. It is a divinely rewarding attempt where you get the company of a rescued pet as well as get to give it a second life. Midwest Pug Rescue usually rescues these pugs from the kill shelters or puppy mills.

  • Volunteer

Volunteers help in the end-to-end process from transporting the pugs to offering administrative support, planning home visits, to even offering public awareness classes on adoption and pet care.

  1. MN Midwest Pug Rescue

The MN Division offers a loving and caring sanctuary for the surrendered, abandoned, abused, neglected, and stray pugs. MN Midwest Pug Rescue division works in close association with similar minded supporters and volunteers to raise public awareness through various online and offline community events for homeless animals.

It is one of the most reputed volunteering organizations, dedicated to the pug breed, taking these needy, curly-tailed creatures back to life. The organization is funded only through donations and adoption fees.

Adopting an old pug

One of the major focus of MN Midwest Pug Rescue is the rehabilitation of the old dogs. Dogs may get abandoned at their middle ages due to the death of the owners or sometimes due to intentional abandonment. The other reasons may be divorce, poor finance, change in work schedules or locations, allergies, lifestyle changes, impulse buying etc.

angry pug

Many people have an aversion towards adopting an older dog as they feel they will only be able to be with them for a shorter period. However, those who take up this challenge do get the satisfaction of giving a pug a second chance at life.

Another concern people have while adopting older pugs is whether they cost more in terms of vet bills. It is a fact that veterinary attention and different medications are needed at each stage of a pug’s life. So before adoption, make sure that you get a detailed health report that is inclusive of all the vaccinations and the pre-existing conditions. Check for arthritis, skin diseases, cyst or mass removal, and blood work details to see the vet needs and estimate the costs.

You can also participate in the MN Midwest Pug Rescue initiative by offering one time or monthly donations towards pug rescue efforts.

  1. Pug Rescue Network

Pug Rescue Network is a side network, covering most of the United States including the Midwest region. The organization was founded back in 2004, and it maintains a vision of saving the pug breed from life threatening situations and bring them back to life. There are plenty of dedicated volunteers working for this non-profit organization to locate, retrieve, foster, and eventually place the rescued pugs by finding permanent homes.

The organization takes every initiative to embrace the forgotten, neglected, and displaced pugs with care and compassion to provide them a better hope through awareness and education programs. They also offer full support to those who want to adopt. In order to make sure that each pug gets the best chance to find a new home, all the rescued pugs are evaluated for their temperament and overall health. The below checks are completed at the first point.

resting pug

  • Complete check-up by a licensed veterinarian
  • Rabies-1, DHPP vaccinations
  • Spay or Neuter
  • Fecal Test
  • Heartworm test and treatment if needed
  • Heartworm preventative
  • Treatment of any co-existing illnesses and malnourishment etc.

Next, they are placed into a temporary foster care facility, which is private homes. Pug Rescue Network doesn’t have a centralized facility where you can visit the dogs.

To go ahead with adoption from these facilities, you have to fist fill in an adoption application, which will be carefully reviewed by the provider. You may get a personal schedule to discuss your application and to assess capacities to adopt a rescued pug. A home visit may also be scheduled for the providers to get to know about you and the facilities. Once the application gets approved, you can clear all the papers and take your pug home.

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