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Pug Mixes Are Almost As Popular As Purebred Pugs

Pugs can become your shadow. Such is its closeness with humans. This trait is one of the reasons why pet lovers think of it as the most adoptable pet. It is a mystery how pugs that sleep almost for 14 hours a day are such exuberant and expressive instead of being lazy. These playful pets are greatly attracted to children who also find the perfect playmate in them. A dog bite can be a concern when the pets mingle with children but pugs are child-safe because the shape of their mouth does not allow them to bite hard enough that can harm children. The good-natured pugs are often crossbred with many other breeds to produce some interesting variants of Pug mixes that pet lovers are fond of.

Affable nature encourages cross breeding

Designer crossbreeds have long been popular among dog lovers with the Poodle showing the way. However, the immense popularity of Pugs has made it a leading choice among breeders to innovate new breeds that carry the primary traits of pugs. Pug mixes have the mild temperament for sure, and it is the reason why it can be domesticated easily. The adorable features of pugs make breeders confident of producing lovable Pug mixes. This has widened the business by adding more variety to the already popular dog breed and is the reason why you see a lot of advertisements and websites offering Pug mixes for sale.


Health threats are controlled

Besides the lure of the good temperament of Pugs, breeders are inclined to cross breed Pugs in order to reduce the inherent health issues that are associated with the breed. The body structure of Pugs, especially the blunt shape of the face tends to pose health problems. In order to minimize such issues, breeders are keen to cross breed it with some other dog breeds that could help to change the shape of the face to some extent. Changes, like reducing the size of the bulging eyes or making the nose longer, could facilitate easy breathing and cut down some health risks. Genetic health issues might be reduced in this way. But still, there may be other health issues that you have to be alert about. Read on to know how you could know if the dog is in good health or not.

Look out for warning signs

Paying close attention to pets is the only way to monitor their health. The primary signs of sickness could be manifested in the form of change in behavior.

  • Change in sleep patterns, restlessness, reduced appetite and apathy for movements and exercise could be signs of discomfort linked to some sickness.
  • Check the body temperature of your pug at some interval. If you sense some health problems, it could help to detect the problem early. The standard body temperature should be in the range of 101oF and 102oF for any breed of dog.
  • Keep an eye on your Pug mix to see if it is breathing heavily. Although it is normal for Pugs to pant slightly when the weather is hot or it has undergone some rounds of exercise, in normal circumstances, it should breathe easy. If you find that the Pug mix is struggling to breathe, making wheezing noises or panting heavily without reason, it could be a warning for taking immediate medical action.
  • If you sense some strange smell emitting from the pet’s mouth or ears, it could be the result of some sickness. Bad odor can also occur from infections that occur within the wrinkles. Skin problems are not uncommon in Pugs.
  • Another warning sign that can help to detect sickness early discharges from the mouth, ears, eyes and nose. Some discharge from ears is normal that you should know, but if something else is observed, it is time to consult the vet.

The signs and symptoms that have been listed above are common for Pugs and are likely to be observed in the crossbred offspring too. Some of the most popular Pug crosses are described below.

relax pug


Cavapug is the name given to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which when crossbred with a Pug gives birth to the Pugalier. This species is a typical example of breeders aiming at increasing the length of the nose of the offspring while retaining the looks of Pug so that the breathing problems that affect Pugs can get reduced. Since both parents are known to be human-friendly, the Pugalier is a highly affectionate breed with minimum genetic health problems. The Pugalier retains the small size and the mild temperament of the parents that increases its attraction for being reared in small homes.


This is not the one that you find on the table. It’s a mix between the breeds Jack Russell and Pug. Generally considered a healthy breed, the Jug was first developed in America in the sixties. This breed possesses high energy and is hyperactive and therefore requires good amount of space to allow it to exercise well. Jugs are very fond of digging, and if it is ever allowed to go to the garden, better keep a close watch on it.

sleepy pug


Breeders introduced this breed in the eighties in America by breeding a Beagle with a Pug. The physical characteristics of this breed are determined by the gene of the dominant parent and can thus vary. However, the inherent health issues of the parents are passed on to the newborn. The energetic playfulness of Pugs is nicely blended with the intellect and skills of the Beagle and manifests in the hybrid.

Pug Tzu

When a Pug meets a Shi Tzu, you get a Pug Tzu that boasts of the happy and friendly nature of the parents.  The coat of Pug Tzu can be anything from the long and colorful coat of Shi Tzu to the short and black coat of Pug. Be watchful about the breathing problems that the hybrid is prone to.

There is some more variety of pug mixes like Chugg (Pug and Chihuahua) and Bugg (Pug and Boston Terrier) that have gained popularity among pet lovers.

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