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How to Get Going in Buying Pug X Puppies with Confidence

Despite the focus on pedigree when buying dogs and puppies, it is not that everybody prefers the pure breed. In the world of pets, there is a steady demand for cross breeds too. Unlike the purebred canines that bear the nomenclature and name of the breed it belongs to, cross breeds have names that show up the breeds from where it has originated. This can be explained by the dog breed named Pug Zu which is an offspring of Pug and Shih Tzu. Similarly, you would come across some other names like Bassugg that showcases Pug and Basset Hound as its parents. Likewise, Bugg is the result of cross breed between Pug and Boston

Terrier, and the hybrid of Pug and Chihuahua is named Chug.

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The attraction of Pugs

The size of the pug is a great attraction for pet lovers so that space never becomes a constraint to keep it within the household. The Pug is most commonly found in households even though other small sized dogs are also liked by many. The beauty of Pugs is that it has the ability to fill up a lot of space with its high spirits and lively ways. They have the uncann

y habit of making people laugh and smile with their antics as they have a great sense of humor. Another reason for its popularity in households is that Pugs are very fond of human companionship and love to stay close to people. The mild temperament of Pugs and their affinity to get along very well with children make them one of the most sought after pets among other small sized dogs.

High demand for Pug X puppies

It is therefore quite natural that whenever any cross breeding is thought about to produce small sized dogs that could be excellent pets, the Pug tops the list. Perhaps this is the reason why Pug X or cross bred Pugs are in high demand. The offspring of the hybrid might not be as small as Pugs to fit the bill as a lap dog, but it won’t be too big either. The demand for Pug X can be gauged from numerous advertisements all over including the internet that displays Pug X puppies for sale. For pet stores and breeders, Pug X makes a sizeable amount of business and can be put in the same bracket as purebred Pugs.

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What to look for in the crossbred puppies

The genetics of puppies that contribute to their health has to be scruti

nized before buying puppies to ensure that they have good health. Besides physical health, the mental health of puppies should also be considered. Pugs have the innate characteristics of being mild tempered and well behaved, a trait that should be looked for in Pug X puppies. In fact, this is what increases its attraction to find a place in households. The element of humor that is so special among Pugs should also be a consideration for pet lovers who want to adopt cross bred Pugs.

Where to find it

Your search for Pug X puppies could begin at home only. There are numerous websites that offer designer puppies, the category to which Pug X belongs.  These are also places where you can find purebred Pugs. When going through the website called DogsNow, you could come across a variety of puppies belonging to different hybrids derived from Pugs. From Brug to Chug and from Pug Zhu to Puggle, the list is quite long.

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Go to the breeders

In case you do not find your choice on the website, you could get in touch with breeders directly for your requirement. Websites like Pets4You.com carry advertisements from breeders that could help you to find your choice. In order to get in touch with breeders, the website Dan’s Kennels can also come handy.

If you are interested in adopting puppies from rescue organizations, then you can browse through websites like Animal League America that cater throughout the USA. You may also visit the website of Owned by Pugs for further guidance.

Know what you want

Cross breeding of Pugs with other dog breeds would mean that the puppies would inherit the genetic traits of both types. Since you want a variation of the purebred Pug, it is implied that the major traits of Pug should be mostly dominant in the puppy.  If you like to have a hybrid of the quietness of Pugs together with calm and dignified looks and close companionship of Boston Terrier, then the Bugg is the best choice. Knowing what you want would help to shortlist the names of Pug X that might suit you.

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Health check is to be done

No matter from where you source the Pug X puppy, make sure that you make a thorough evaluation of the animal before deciding to go ahead with the purchase. The evaluation is based on ascertaining the health condition and paying attention to the health history of the puppy. Although sellers would be obliged to provide the certificate of health to bolster their claim of offering the best pup, you should never feel shy to check it on your own. Get assistance from a professional vet who can accomplish the task for you.

Assessing the mental health is equally important

It is not physical health alone that you should be concerned about. Since you are choosing a Pug X, it indicates that you have a preference for a puppy that can grow up into a well-behaved dog that would not be difficult to discipline and train. Moreover, the congenial characteristics of Pugs should be present in the puppy no matter whatever breed it has been mated with. To ascertain these traits, visit the seller and spend some time with the puppy that could give some indications about its temperament and attitude. After all, you are choosing the puppy with the intention of including it in your family and this needs careful evaluation before closing the deal.

Once you are satisfied with the evaluation, you can expect that the Pug X puppy could live for 10 to 15 years on an average depending on its parental lineage.

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