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All You Need to Know About Pug Rescue Groups in Arizona

The pug adoption system in Arizona is much more prominent due to the high activities from the concerned groups. The state has a lot of pug lovers, and many are actually involved with shelters, rescue groups, nonprofit organizations etc. Here are some of the most active and highly reputed pug rescue groups in AZ.

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Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network or APARN, is the most prominent Pug rescue AZ group. Located at 1106 N Gilbert Road, Mesa, AZ 85203, they are one of the best pug protecting and rescuing groups. Aparn is quite popular for their multiple activities, participation in adoption events, and for being active on social media too.

They also have an association with several online stores and companies that offer souvenirs and fundraising items like pug paw wicks and candles, pug mark wines, pug paintings, hamper called Barkbox etc. All these associations are methods to raise funds. While some items help them earn $6 per sale, others help them get $1 as charity and so on.

They also have an open request on their website, asking pug lovers and well-wishers to donate only $5 a month for them to support the increasingly large population of rescue pugs in their shelter. Aparn has a dedicated shop of its own, and it is accessible through their website. They sell pug care products and related items for raising funds.

They are in search for foster parents, and they invite applications from interested people and families. To run all the searches and awareness programs, they have a very active, and well designed interactive website. Their contact number is shared on the site, and you can collect information on pugs by calling them at (480) 964-3126. They can be contacted by email at info@aparn.org.

Besides, they have shared many helpful resources, pug care and maintenance related educative articles, important content information to other pug care emergency numbers and nonprofits in neighboring states and much more on their site.relaxing pug

Terri Wood is the president and Founder. Ted Stacy is the Finance director and secretary. Jenn Moreira is the Marketing director and Laura Mahan is the Records director. They all are behind the immense success of Aparn.

AZ Pug Life Rescue

This is a nonprofit organization, and they are based in Phoenix, Arizona. Their mailing address is AZ Pug Life rescue Society, 13236 N 7th St, Suite 4, #201, Phoenix, AZ 85022. The group is also active on social media and has running Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook accounts. They are planning to launch themselves through YouTube soon as they claim on their website. Their 25/7 helpline number is (602)730-0107, and you can also email them for any help at azpugliferescue@gmail.com.

The main motive of the organization is to rescue pugs, spay or neuter them, rehabilitate pugs and facilitate adoptions. They work on purebred as well as mix bred pugs. Their main value is to make sure that no pug is left behind, and they try to give all the warmth, safety and security to the rescued pugs.

They are trying to spread education on pug rehabilitation, maintenance, care, and feeding etc, as well as have links to surrender a pug when no one can take the responsibility for the poor thing. Giving pugs for fostering and adoption, accepting a donation for the sustenance of their organization, maintaining a registry of lost and found pugs, and hosting events for awareness of pug care and adoption are amongst many of their activities.

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Hug A Pug AZ

Hug A Pug is an Arizona-based pug rescue group that have their main point of contact available online through their website. Besides, they have a contact form, through which people may contact. However, no mailing address or contact number is shared by them online, which makes the contact form the only option to get in touch with them.

They are a nonprofit organization with a group of volunteers, who are all pug lovers, and do this caring job by using resources and money out of their pocket so that pugs may thrive, get rescued and find a good home.

On their website, they mention that they would do all they can to care for the rescued pugs, but their main challenge lies in coming up with the money to pay vet fees. That is why they are asking for a donation from dog lovers so that they may carry on with their noble cause. They offer pugs for adoptions and make sure that every rescued pug gets a loving home.

They not only accept monetary donations, but they also accept food and toys, caring items, crates and beds etc. for the pugs.

The high volume of pugs in need of rescue

It’s sad to realize and find out that so many Pugs are abandoned in Arizona, and they need care, food, grooming and a good environment to live. More often than not, these abandoned pugs suffer because of lack of care. It is in such cases that the work of the rescue groups is initiated. Thankfully, there are a number of great rescue organizations and shelters in Arizona.

These groups rescue pugs that have been abused or abandoned, neglected or just surrendered. Injured pugs have no one to care for them, and they barely get enough food and often live in unhealthy environments. These pugs are rescued and given a better life.

They are made to feel safe, secure, attended, loved and are rehabilitated as necessary, treated as needed, and then the rescue groups try hard to hand over the pugs to foster families or give them for adoption. This way the pugs can get a new good life.

Why adopt rescued pugs?

Buying will not give you the joy that adoption will. The joy of giving a good and healthy life to a rescued pug is surely one of a kind. You can always buy a puppy, but remember that there are pugs that had bad experiences, and must know that life can be really good when they have someone as caring as you!

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