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Learn About the Notable Pug Rescue Groups in California

Pug rescue groups and organizations are highly active in California, and there are different organizations involved in this noble job of rescuing and rehabilitating pugs that have been abandoned, abused or given up.

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Pugs ‘N Pals of Southern California

Pugs ‘N Pals is a California based Pug rescue group. Their mailing address is PO Box 9343, Newport Beach, CA 92658. They can also be reached via telephone at (949)-262-PUGD (7843). You can also get in touch with the organization by emailing them at pudogrescue@att.net.

This Southern California based Pug rescue group is active on its own, and also connects to many other pug rescue groups within California and all over the U.S. They are also associated with rescue organizations in Canada. They have a well knit network to support their own cause and others related to the same.

Pug Rescue of Sacramento

This group is from Sacramento, California. They have a website that you can check out to find out more about them. They have a track record of successfully rescuing close to 100 pugs a year, and it’s only because of the charity and donation they receive from well wishers and pug lovers. They are dedicated to offering a good life and medical rehabilitation to the rescued pugs.

They have a link on their website asking people to join them as members or as volunteers. They invite enthusiasts to adopt or foster pugs. Through various initiatives such as events and shows, they spread awareness and receive donations.

Their mailing address is PO Box 5094, Concord, CA 94524. They also have helpline numbers for anyone to contact. Some of those numbers are 925-974-PUGS (7847) and 916-484-4158. Their email id where general queries can be sent is

rescue@pugpros.org. They can also be contacted by the contact form on their website.

Pug Rescue San Diego County

The main motto and aim of the group is to adopt the pugs they receive to a good home for giving them a better life. This is a nonprofit group, active through the volunteers who do not take payment for the job and do whatever they can for rescuing and giving a better life to the troubled pugs. The donations they receive are used for medical treatments, repairing of broken bones, spaying and neutering, giving vaccines, distemper, parvo and manje etc, and for buying necessities for lifestyle, care and foods.

They have expressed on their website that they spend $500 on a pug every year, and for senior pugs, this amounts to $1000. That is why every bit of donation they receive is still not enough as all the pugs they are rescuing do not get adopted instantly. They host events and parties for public awareness, and they show their rescued pugs through these events.

Their mailing address is PO Box 151449, San Diego, CA 92175-1449. Their helpline number is (619)685-3580, and they can alternatively be contacted via their website.

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles

This is a nonprofit organization, and they work for the homeless pugs, which have been neglected, abused, abandoned etc. Such pugs are rescued by the group, and then placed in homes, where they would be loved and cared for in every way.

The mailing address of the organization is PO Box 484, Gardena, CA 90248, and they can be contacted via email at info@pugnationla.org. Their round the clock helpline number is (310)327-7871.

The organization secures the lives of hundreds of pugs every year by rescuing them from Southern California streets, homes and places. And then they care for it, rehabilitate it, and try to find it a foster home or get it adopted.

Pugs N Roses

This organization has a website where you can learn more about them. This group was started by a family of three including the husband, wife and kid, who put their love for pugs to good use by working on pug rescue. This is a rather smaller pug rescue California organization when compared to the others mentioned above. They can be contacted for adoption requests through the contact form on their website.

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Wonder Dog Rescue

This is another rescue group, but they are working not just on the pug breed but on all dog breeds in California. Their website holds a lot of information that you can check out. They also offer adoption of rescued pugs.

Why do pugs need to be rescued?

Pugs need to be rescued under various circumstances. Sometimes the owner realizes that they cannot support the pug and give it all the care. Sometimes a pug gets neglected for the reason that too much of expense is required for its medical treatments, wellbeing and grooming. Sometimes a pug is just abandoned or abused. In all such cases, the pug needs to be rescued and given a better life.

All of these organizations want to create awareness in people so that such incidents of abuse and negligence get reduced day by day. At the same time, they take care that such neglected and abandoned pugs are not left at the mercy of nature. Every dog deserves a better life and care, and these groups offer the same to every rescued dog till the time they find it a good foster home or get it adopted.

What you need to know for adopting a pug

Pug adoption is not a long process and takes close to 2 weeks only. But there are some preparations that need to be taken. You have to become mentally prepared to face the fact that when you bring home a rescued pug, it will most likely be an adult pug or senior pug. Therefore, the way you get friendly with it, and let it get accustomed to your home will be different than that of a puppy.

Also a rescued pug may have many problems due to an earlier history of maltreatment, negligence, ill feeding habits, abuse etc. Therefore, it will be recovering from the several emotional and physical traumas gradually as it begins a healthy life with you. The bond has to be built, and conscious effort has to be given from your side. You must learn all that is needed about pug care and grooming, medical attention and emotional sides etc.

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